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Josh Kushner Now Has More Wealth Than Trump, Becoming The Richest Kushner To Date

Josh Kushner:

Josh Kushner has also overtaken his famous extended family in terms of wealth, making him the richest Kushner to date. He is the owner of Thrive Capital which has a $5.3 billion market value now, making him the richest than Donald Trump.

Aside from the reputation and wealth of his family, Josh Kushner is establishing a name for himself.

The public mostly knows him as the younger brother of Jared Kushner and the spouse of supermodel Karlie Kloss. But now, the founder of Thrive Capital has suddenly raised his personal wealth after a business deal with billionaires across the world.

According to Bloomberg, his company, Thrive Capital recently received a $175 million investment in this deal from several notable billionaires. KKR Co-founder Henry Kravis, Disney CEO Robert Iger, French telecom executive Xavier Niel, Brazilian food tycoon Jorge Paulo Lemann, and Indian oil entrepreneur Mukesh Ambani are one of them.

The deal valued the company at $5.3 billion, making it five times larger than Affinity Partners owned by Jared Kushner. The 37-year-old Josh’s personal net worth has also increased to $3.7 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

After working in private equity at Goldman Sachs, Josh Kushner, the son of discredited real estate developer Charles Kushner, started Thrive Capital in 2009. With its focus on technology-related investments, the company placed early bets on well-known companies, like Instagram, Spotify, Stripe, and Twitch. Thrive also made investments in the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Kim Kardashian’s Skims, which brought multiple successes for the busines.


With the newly increased wealth, Josh has left behind his brother (ex-White House adviser) and Donald Trump in making wealth. Donald Trump’s estimated net worth is $3.2 billion, according to Forbes in September 2022. Hence, the combined assets of Jared and his wife Ivanka ranged from $206 million to $803 million. Their financial disclosure forms revealed this fact before he left the Trump administration. According to Forbes, the Kushner family had $1.8 billion in wealth before Trump was elected president.

Additionally, as part of Thrive’s billionaire investment deal, the investors received a combined 3.3% ownership in the business. It will enable to benefit from its connections and invest in cutting-edge technologies and new business endeavors.

Josh told in a recent investment-related interview with The Wall Street Journal; “A lot of these folks have been involved in my life for quite a bit of time. He added; “now they actually have a vested stake in the firm’s success.”

Source : Josh Kushner Now Has More Wealth Than Trump, Becoming The Richest Kushner To Date

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