Gary Oldman Praised The Movie “Ratcatcher” As “A Great Piece Of Filmmaking”

Gary Oldman recently highlighted his great contribution to legendary Hollywood productions, including the remake of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Sid and Nancy (directed by Alex Cox). As he never follows stereotypes, he has played a range of evil and beloved historic characters throughout his career. Indeed, this tendency to surprise has led to a body of work replete with memorable cinematic moments.

But, it hasn’t always been an easy journey. In the 2000s, Oldman hit a career low when he took on roles that would normally be considered unworthy. Things reached a whole new level in 2003 when he co-starred with Ving Rhames in the critically panned thriller Sin. Oldman swiftly followed it up with the comedy-drama Tiptoes, in which he dubious portrayed a dwarf role.

Oldman somehow salvaged his career from disaster, but such blunders are now a distant memory for him and his fans. Soon after the flops, his roles in the Dark Knight and Harry Potter series helped him to recover from his prior failures in history. And then, he went on to have further success.

Gray Oldman has maintained a top position as a film enthusiast while unquestionably maintaining his reputation as a recognized actor. He enjoys the advanced points of cinema. Additionally, he becomes a fan of the works of amazing auteurs, like Federico Fellini, Stanley Kubrick, and Wong Kar-wai. There is a clear impression that this has supported his theatrical ability.

While showing his affection for his top five movies for Rotten Tomatoes, Oldman also included Ratcatcher, Lynne Ramsay’s 1999 debut picture. Notably, the drama was a hit when it first came out and consequently received several BAFTAs.

Gary Oldman

The story of this inspiring movie is centered on the Ratcatcher (a housing scheme), constructed in Glasgow in 1973. It comes up among the housing projects that expose some of the worst living conditions in Western Europe. There are no inside toilets, bathrooms, or hot-running water systems. The situation goes worse due to the constant binmen’s strikes. Yes, it has turned the area into a rat breeding ground, creating a health hazard. But, things are gradually improving. In the city’s extensive redevelopment project, the projects are being demolished and the residents are being relocated to modern residences.

James plays a leading role in the Ratcatcher movie and is a very sensitive 12-year-old child. He lives in one of the housing projects that slowly become vacant as the residents start relocating. But, James patiently waits for relocation along with his mother, drunken father, and two sisters. He makes constant efforts to cope with his guilt and the callous surroundings he is in.

Gary Oldman said in his recent interview; “Switching from that to a small indie movie, a Lynne Ramsay movie called Ratcatcher — I just think it’s a masterful piece of filmmaking. I mean, there’s Taxi Driver, there’s Raging Bull… there’s even — I love King of Comedy. Then there’s Kubrick; the list goes on and on. So there’s many, many, many — but off the top of my head, that would be five.”

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