What are some of the tips to overcome jet lag?

Travelling to a new time zone is not easy, specifically when dealing with jet lag. The excitement of exploring a new place for business or vacation just flows away. Facing problems with sleep schedule is one of the common things about jet lagging.

It is because of your concern you are here. Adapting to a new time zone is time taking. Your body clock clashes with the actual day and night cycle. This is why you cannot sleep at night and stay watchful during the day.

Your body takes time to accept the change in the time zone. For this reason, jet lag is more common when you travel to an international destination. Do not worry, as coping with it is very easy!

It will disrupt your sleep schedule for the time being. You can easily regularise your sleep routine by practising a few steps. Remember, one thing you are going through is one of the most common problems people face while reaching a new international destination.

What happens when you are jet lag?

Besides having sleeping disorders, you can have headaches, fatigue, mood fluctuations, loss of appetite, digestion-related problems etc.  

When you leave a time zone and enter another one, it disturbs your circadian rhythm. This is why you get jet lag. 

The body’s internal clock is responsible for managing sleep and wake schedules. A change in it can continue for rare days or weeks also.

According to researchers, people travelling to the East face the worst scenario with jet lag. Everyone’s experience with it might not be the same. Some might have strong symptoms, while some might be milder.

Some adjustments in the itinerary and other personal factors can downsize the extent of suffering from jet lag. Should you wish to know more, stay here!

How to tackle jet lag?

Do you know the light you absorb through your eyes influences the internal clock? It also controls the body temperature, blood pressure, glucose and hormone levels. Exposure to light and darkness can make the internal clockwork faster or slower.

For easier understanding, you can refer to this example which has no direct relation with your sleep cycle. Your affordability can make a difference in a direct lender’s approval decision of no guarantor loans. The higher the chances are, the more convincing your affordability is.

Likewise, exposure to light has a lot of influence on your internal body clock. When the time zone changes quickly, the body fails to adapt to the fast change in daylight exposure. Even though you arrive at a new destination, your body is still in sync with the previous place. 

Preventing jet lag is ultimately not possible. However, you can work on ways to lighten the feeling of its impact. Here are a few tips for you to consider.

Regulate the light exposure before leaving

If you have a few days left to begin this journey, you must work on introducing changes in your lifestyle. With this, you can downsize the duration of jet lag.

Work out how you should adjust your schedule for the best results. You must regulate the time you spend in light and darkness before you start travelling. Take the help of some online apps for perfect adjustment of your schedule.

Choose the flight time accordingly

Schedule the flight journey in such a way that overlaps your sleeping schedule. When you acquire the destination, it will be close to your waking time. 

International flights covering different time zones follow a schedule that helps to align the landing time with the morning. The departure time may be a little odd, but this adjustment can wonder in handling jet lag. Plan your arrival time accordingly to face less impact of it.

Sleep during the flight hours

Many people get good sleep while flying from one destination to another. It helps them wake up in the morning when the flight has already reached its destination. 

You can try it out quickly if you are a frequent traveller. Sleeping aids are available in the market. You can use them to get some sleep during the flight hours. 

Keep it aside once you reach there, as you should not utilise it after that. There is no problem if you cannot fall asleep on the flight. You must try to ease your body by changing position by walking and stretching your arms. 

It will safeguard your body from cramps and pain in the back. Remember that staying in the same position for a long can add up to the jet lag problem!

Keep the layovers short in between travel

Long layovers will make it very difficult for you to cope with the time zone difference issue. Imagine you have to leave a particular destination after staying there for a long time. 

The body’s internal clock will find it difficult to adjust to the changes. The most threatening thing is that you will not get enough time to adapt completely. With minimal layover, your body will not endure these extreme conditions.

Avoid caffeinated drinks on the flight

If you are a coffee addict, it might be difficult for you. However, you have to adjust for the time being. Caffeinated beverages trigger sleepless conditions. 

You must maintain your body hydrated throughout the flying. Drink as much water as possible. Consider having those beverages that can provide you with the necessary hydration level.

Your struggle with jet lag will worsen if your body becomes dehydrated.

Spend time outside if you arrive in the daytime

As mentioned earlier, light exposure is vital in decreasing jet lag’s impact. Try to spend time outside when your arrival time is daytime. The more time your body absorbs light, the better it will be for you.

Jet lag The bottom line

You must not bother too much about the effects of jet lag. Now, you know the tips and tricks for managing this problem after you reach a new international location.

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