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What are Instagram reels, and how are they made? Complete guide + tricks

In 2020, Instagram launched Reels, a new feature for creating and viewing video content that is just a few seconds long. The purpose? Compete with the significant phenomenon TikTok. Thus, the platform could retain within the race to draw and maintain users. super viral

This has dramatically favored content creators, each customer in trendy businesses and brands, who have been capable of combining movies into their content material approach on Instagram. Do you want to do it too?

In that case, you should read this guide, wherein I will explain what Instagram reels are and how they paint. In addition, we are able to show you step-by-step a way to make a reel, plus some extra ideas and hints. Ultimately, I will inform you about the gear to help you reach this section of IG.

What are Instagram Reels?

Reels are a section of Instagram wherein brief videos of diverse subjects are published vertically. Here, customers can edit their content at will, including texts, tracks, voices, and filters to better carry the video’s message.

As a visible social network, Instagram integrated quick motion pictures into its alternatives so customers wouldn’t need to go to TikTok.

The attractiveness of Instagram reels has been absolute, so much so that, in 2022, they were additionally delivered to Facebook. Even YouTube became stimulated to create Shorts.

What is the length of the reels?

At first, the reels had a period of 15 seconds because the concept turned less.

But this restriction has been extended, and now there are four duration alternatives: 15, 30, 60, and 90 seconds. Thanks to this, users can better alter their content material to various lengths depending on the subject and its purpose.

This is critical because visitors are used to a median period consistent with the theme. For instance, for manual-style reels, perhaps 15 seconds would be inadequate. While for the humorous meme kind, 90 seconds could be too much.

What are the measurements of reels?

For a reel to look correct on any display, Instagram has made it a requirement that the video be recorded at 1080 pixels by using 1920 pixels and with an issue ratio of 9:16. . Although you can also use the 4:5 factor ratio for reels once they seem in the essential feed.

Following these steps is critical because the Instagram set of rules will robotically modify the documents you add (while you don’t file them without delay from the Reel feature).

Advantages furnished by means of reels

Suppose you have a task beyond non-public use, and also you guess on reels. In that case, its advent includes operating and previously designing a content material method and a Social Media plan.

It isn’t about making reels because they’re elegant but because they may assist you in meeting your goals as a brand and uploading prices to your audience in a few ways.

So is it worth including reels for your advertising approach? Of path. These are the blessings you’ll get:

1. Generate more engagement

Video content material tends to generate more engagement than snapshots and textual content on IG. For this cause, reels are an ideal addition to the social media advertising plan due to the eye it produces.

2. More visibility

Reels, by default, are set to display in the Explore section of IG, so extra users can see your content material without being your follower. As a further advantage, people who are interested in your brand can turn out to be followers.

3. Facebook integration

If you no longer use a social media control device, you may simultaneously set your reels to post on your Facebook page. This saves your paintings and makes your presence on Social Media homogeneous.

4. Help with the logo picture

Reels have many video enhancement capabilities to help you modify your content material in your logo’s fashion and simultaneously please your followers with a high-quality spin.

5. You get more excellent site visitors

Since extra users will see your content material, if you hyperlink to your website, blog, or eCommerce, different people will attain your corporate website, weblog, or eCommerce. This way, you may have more significant visitors to convert into leads.

6. Increased income

Whether you’re promoting a carrier or a product, developing a nicely-edited reel can generate different hobbies on your rotation and extra power humans to buy it. To try this, you must be very innovative, making the best possible use of the editing alternatives available.

How do Instagram reel paintings?

Reels have a simple operation. Although they’re shown in a separate section on Instagram, other kinds of content are available on the platform. Its main characteristic is the length of the motion pictures and their purpose, which is to provide lively content without going too long.

The customers are those who create the reels, and if the account is public, the quick motion pictures are taken to be displayed in the feed of said segment. But if it is non-public, they only appear in the account feed.

The reels are separated from the rest of the content within the money owed, and the principal feeds with the aid of the icon of a Clapperboard. You can cross without delay to this phase by means of an urgent button with that icon at the lowest of the display. Or you can additionally scroll until you find a carousel of Reels.

Ideas and tricks for you to succeed with your reels

1. Study the Reels set of rules

Reels meet a specific need of users: to peer at the fun and quick content. Therefore, you need to learn your films’ characteristics to reach the right target audience. Some things that might be considered are direct interaction among accounts and personal choices.

2. Use the trends

Creating particular content does not imply ignoring what is popular; the use of what is trending can generate extra views, likes, comments, and stocks. Find out what is trending on Reels, or take a look at the pointers while growing a brief video.

This will include paintings for each track and filter and different enhancing settings.

3. Use inbound advertising and marketing

Remember that reels are to entertain users, so keep away from doing business-style spins.

Create certain content that entertains and “educates” your followers.

A splendid way to do it is to expose them to the services or products and their maximum effects; in this manner, you could contact their pain points and display the answer.

4. Be consistent

The more content you create, the more opportunities you have for fulfillment.

Remember that tens of millions of content material creators are around the arena. Therefore, there is a lot to look at. If you want to face out, you need to create new and clean content material, to retain acting in the reels of your target audience.

5. Get inspired by way of others

As you browse the internet, if you see video or audio templates you like, feel unfastened to store them. Create your library together with your favored resources.


With this essential guide, you have discovered what’s important to begin the usage of Instagram reels and contain them in your marketing approach on social networks. Obviously, beyond understanding how this section works, the most vital issue is the content material; it must be treasured and attractive to the target market.

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