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Spray Painting Tips and Techniques with a Titan Sprayer

Quality must be preserved when it comes to obtaining professional-grade results with Titan paint sprayer components. Painting tasks need the greatest results, and titan paint sprayers provide. Enhance any job with the unrivaled power, speed, and control of a Titan airless paint sprayer, which is further enhanced with our industry-leading array of clever, simple-to-use accessories. Titan Paint Sprayer is the ultimate business solution for best-in-class return on investment and dedicated support whenever you need it, and it is built for optimum endurance. In this blog, we will explore the best tips and techniques for spray painting. Let’s begin. 

Spray Painting Tips and Techniques

  1. Choosing the Right Spray Tip

Choosing the correct airless paint sprayer tip has a significant impact on the performance of your sprayer, the quality of the finish, and the job’s success.

There are two parts of a spray tip. The first one is the fan and the other is the orifice size. So the choice of spray depends on these two parts. 

  1. Fan Width: For bigger surfaces such as walls and ceilings, a broader fan width will provide more coverage. A narrower fan width is recommended for smaller surfaces such as deck boards, cabinets, and fences. 
  2. Orifice Size: In general, a smaller orifice is preferred when the coating is thin, while a bigger orifice is preferred when the coating is thick. 

2.  MIL Thickness

Another important factor to consider is the thickness of the coating you’re applying, which will be determined by the flow rate and the pace with which your hand moves.

  1. If you move your hand quickly, the mil thickness will be smaller. 
  2. If you move your hand slowly then the mil thickness will be more.
  3. You may adjust your hand speed by employing tips with varying flow rates of the Titan paint sprayer. 
  4. You may spray quicker while maintaining the same mil thickness if you use a tip with a bigger aperture.

3. Use Accessories to Save Time and Paint

  1. Spray Roller

By spraying and back-rolling in one action, the SprayRoller saves contractors time and money by letting one person accomplish the job of two employees. It helps to use less spray and reduced overspray reduces prep work, and the uniform thickness on uneven surfaces allows even inexperienced applicators to produce a professional-quality finish.

  1. Extension Poles

If you become a client of Titan Paint Sprayer, we take it as our responsibility to make your tasks easy to perform. Titan’s portable, easy-to-handle aluminum extension poles are available in 3′ and 6′ lengths and can connect to offer up to 12′ of reach – not to mention less ladder labor on the construction. Even when joined together for expanded reach, our extension poles are built with inner core ribs for support and stiffness.

  1. Steam Master

Steam Master is the finest alternative for removing any sort of wall covering since it is the quickest and easiest method. It has a tank with a capacity of 2 gallons as well as on-board storage. Ideal for wallpaper, including many layers, popcorn ceilings, and textured finishes. Built to withstand the rigors of professional and rental use.

  1. Transfer Pump

Transfer pumps are used to transport extremely thick fluids. These transfer pumps are made up of two parts. One component is an air motor, while the other is a liquid pump. These pumps may transfer any type of spray painting substance to the external system. This occurs as a result of the suction process. 

4. Inspecting the Issues

  1. Keep checking the pressure. If the pressure is too high or too low then it will result in inconsistent pain spray. And if the pressure is beyond the limit then overspray will cause lots of issues like loss of paint and use of machine extra power. 
  2. Choosing the right tip is very important for a successful project. If you will choose a spray tip that is larger than required. It will result in the low pressure of the spray. 
  3. If the spray tip gets worn out then it will result in poor spray pattern and waste of the painting material.
  4. If you do not know the ratio of solvent in the material then it can cause a big problem. Because the resultant material will be too much thick and your project will get flop.


Titan paint sprayers are well-known for their exceptional performance, and for securing the greatest results. Titan’s unique spray system directs paint where it goes, reducing overspray and improving pump life. It is all about correct choices. When you have proper knowledge of the products and their proper usage then you will choose the perfect Titan sprayer part. Titan is known for its versatility. You will get limitless types of tips and you can avail them easily according to your project. In this blog different tips and techniques for perfect usage of Titan Paint Sprayer have been explained for all the clients who are using these sprayers.

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