Robin Wright, Tom Hanks Will Look Younger In Robert Zemeckis’ Upcoming Film Using A Metaphysical AI Tool

Tom Hanks

The digital company Metaphysic announced ambitions to collaborate on the upcoming Miramax movie and signed a strategic collaboration with CAA.

Robert Zemeckis’ upcoming Miramax film “Here” is an adaptation of Richard McGuire’s visual novel. And, it takes place over a long period in one room and follows the occupants there. In this movie, Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, and other cast members will look younger than their real age. But, it will be possible with the use of brand-new generative AI-driven technology called Metaphysic Live.

People don’t know the deal’s specifics. But, Tom Graham announced that his AI business, Metaphysic has partnered with CAA to provide generative AI tools and services for talent. In a statement, Joanna Popper, the chief metaverse officer of CAA, expressed her company’s eagerness to work with Metaphysic. So, the reason is that its technology, “coupled with its ethics-first approach and thought leadership,” might “unlock an amazing opportunity for the entertainment business and beyond.”

The tech company claims that its new Metaphysic Live tool can be used to create “high-resolution photorealistic face swaps and de-aging effects on top of actors’ performances live and in real-time without the need for further compositing or VFX work.” So, it may be best known for its work on the @DeepTomCruise or deepfakes highlighted on America’s Got Talent.

Tom Hanks

Zemeckis plans to “extensively” use Metaphysic Live to create face replacements and de-aging in his film. “I’ve always been attracted to technology that helps me to tell a story. With Here, the film simply wouldn’t work without our actors seamlessly transforming into younger versions of themselves. Metaphysic’s AI tools do exactly that, in ways that were previously impossible,” Zemeckis remarked in a report. “Having tested every flavor of face replacement and de-aging technology available today, Metaphysic is clearly the global leader in feature-quality AI content and the perfect choice for this incredibly challenging, emotional film.”

Sony Pictures Entertainment plans to distribute the film in the US in 2024. It stars Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Kelly Reilly, and Paul Bettany.

“It is incredible to see Metaphysic’s AI-generated content flawlessly integrated into a shot live on set. So, the actors can even use the technology as a ‘youth mirror’ — testing out acting choices for their younger selves in real-time,” said Kevin Baillie, the production VFX supervisor for the film.

Chris Ume, a co-founder of Metaphysic, will oversee the AI for the film, and Jo Plaete, the company’s chief innovation officer, will oversee the VFX.

The CEO of Metaphysic, Graham said that using this AI technology is a great initiative in entertainment projects, like Here. This way, Metaphysic showcases the revolutionary ability of hyperreal AI to change the future of entertainment. It ultimately allows anyone to produce AI-generated, photorealistic immersive content while they own and manage their data.

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