Ready-made KIWI Taxi Clone Solution – Should You Invest or Not?

If you want to develop a  taxi app like KIWI in Europe, you probably know what clone apps mean. Generally, clone taxi apps are “similar” to an existing app. Don’t confuse them as replicas of popular apps because they are very different in terms of UI/UX, features, functions, and so on.

For entrepreneurs like you, clone apps come with a ton of benefits. The question is whether you should invest in developing a KIWI Clone app or not in order to start your online taxi business.

Well, without further ado, let’s look into the details.

Custom or Clone App Development – Which Option Is the Best?

To know which is the best app development, you first need to know what differentiates them.

Custom-made KIWI taxi clone app

The custom app development method involves creating mobile apps designed and built to meet specific business needs.

Put simply, the app is tailored to address challenges and business goals by creating “unique” solutions for them.

From gathering business requirements to designing the mobile app, coding it, testing it, and deploying it, custom-making the app includes the app.

As an entrepreneur, if you are planning to opt for this method, instead of getting a ready-made KIWI-like taxi app, you will be leveraging the following perks:

Made to address your unique business needs

Custom development of your European taxi booking app will allow you to design the app exactly as per your business requirements.

You can easily integrate features, functionality, brand name, logo, etc., just like you want to.

Gain competitive edge

A custom taxi app can help you differentiate yourself from competitors in the same market. It offers you the chance to build unique features, a user experience specific to your target market, etc.

In short, when you will be able to build your app like KIWI from scratch, you will be able to stand out in the market and even attract more customers.

Get flexibility and scalability

Custom apps are highly scalable, which means they can fuel your online taxi business growth.

Moreover, getting full flexibility means you can easily add new features whenever you feel like it, integrate them with other systems, and tweak your app according to the changing market trends.

Well, don’t forget that a coin has two sides! Similarly, custom taxi app development also has some downsides that you should look at.

Drawbacks of Custom Taxi App Development:

Higher app development cost

Developing a custom-made taxi app is generally more expensive than using a ready-made or pre-built solution.

As the app owner, you will have to invest more money and resources to build the app from the ground up.

Requires more development time

Building a custom taxi app from scratch takes time as it involves multiple development stages such as designing, coding, prototyping,  testing, app store submission, and launch.

Therefore, opting for the custom app development method is a big NO-No for those who have time constraints.

You need to have technical expertise

Developing a custom taxi booking app requires you to hire a skilled development team.

It means you need to hire experts in various departments like mobile app development, backend systems, database management, and so on.

Thus, hiring, managing, and retaining such experts can turn out to be costly and challenging at the same time!

Maintaining and updating apps regularly

With a custom app, you are responsible for maintaining and updating it regularly.

Your responsibility will involve getting the bugs fixed, taking care of the security patches, ensuring OS compatibility updates, and adding new features.

To be honest, ongoing maintenance is time-consuming and needs lots of resources too!

Ready-made KIWI Clone app

A pre-built or ready-to-launch KIWI Clone is “similar” to the original Europe-based KIWI taxi app.

Just like the original, the Clone app allows users to book rides, track drivers in real-time, make cashless payments, and provide feedback.

Put simply, “clone” refers to your taxi app’s similarity to the original application.

A white-labeling firm can provide you with a complete taxi booking solution for your business.

Thus, with the firm’s help, you can easily start your taxi company and enter the on-demand transportation market in Europe.

In today’s throat-cutting competitive landscape, entrepreneurs are fighting to rank themselves as #1 in the taxi market.

With hundreds of new entrants in the online taxi industry, you need to leverage off-shelf apps.

Not sure why? Enlisted are the perks of opting for a ready-made KIWI-like app:

Saves time and cost

Opting for a ready-made solution will reduce your app development time and cost compared to building everything from scratch.

Buying a complete taxi booking solution will save you from the initial app development stages. Also, it will allow you to focus on other important things by saving your precious time and money!

Get a tried and tested solution

Another reason investing in a ready-made solution will be fruitful is that it has already been tested and used by other entrepreneurs who have launched their taxi-hailing apps.

In short, by investing in a tried and tested solution you can rest assured that it is reliable, scalable, high performing, and well-built!

Quick to market

Since the app is already designed, developed, and tested, you can get it white-labeled in only a few days.

The sooner you launch it on the App Store, the quicker you will be able to start your operations and make money.

In a nutshell, deploying a ready-made app is quicker compared to building your KIWI Clone app from scratch.

It is feature-rich

Your ready-to-launch taxi app will already come with a wide-range of basic and advanced features such as GPS tracking, payment gateways, fare calculation, feedback systems, OTP verification, etc.

As the app owner, all you need to do is choose the features you want in your app, and the developers will integrate them for you at no extra cost!

Get technical support anytime, anywhere

Getting your taxi clone app from a reputable white-labeling firm will enable you to get technical support anytime you want to.

Thus, you no longer have to wait to get your issues or queries resolved.

Cons of a ready-to-market taxi application:

You cannot “fully” customize it

A ready-made solution for your online business will provide you with a base app on which you can make a few tweaks to make it unique as per your business requirements.

In simpler words, you may need to work with a few customization limits.

The Final Verdict

If you want a quick, affordable, and bug-free solution and start your online taxi business in Europe, go for a ready-made KIWI Clone.

On the other hand, if you want to build everything from scratch, you can start looking for experts who can do it for you in return for a six-figure salary.

For an entrepreneur like you, a ready-made or pre-built application looks like the best option, not for one but multiple reasons. So, the final verdict says you should invest in a ready-made KIWI Clone taxi app!

However, the choice is still yours. In case you are confused, go through the pros and cons of both app development approaches before making a final decision.

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