Pros and Cons of Tempered Glass

“Tough times never last but tough people do”. What is then a tempered glass ? To simply put it an ordinary glass that had been passed through a process called ‘tempering’ in which the glass is heated to a very high temperature and then is cooled immediately after making the outer layer of the tempered glass about 5 to 7 times on average more durable and temperature resistant. Where is it used ?

Well you can easily look around and find out yourself that many modern furniture designs use tempered glasses, like most common use is in making glass doors, the separation walls in offices or hotels or in homes, many shops require these tempered glasses for creating a display section for their shops, tempered glass table tops, in bathrooms the shower sections are separated using tempered glasses. You can also look at your computer, laptop or mobile screen and can guess which glass is being used to make them hard and more temperature durable. Let’s discuss a few pros and cons of using a tempered glass.


Durability of Tempered glass

There is no doubt that the selection of glass is major factor, for quality and strength the structure. carved glass provides you with is the major factor for choosing it in hard and rash environments where heavy burden is to be placed over the glass or where temperature is changing very frequently. When a glass cut to size door is in use it is frequently being opened and closed and applying a push and pull kind of increases the pressure on the glass Door.

In shower separations where we frequently change hot and chilled water for baths and the moisture on the glass can cause it to get weak, a tempered glasses is going to be the best option for you. No chance of the glass to break in those hard environments. Glass separations used as walls should be tempered because they get many scratches after time and will lose their shine, a tempered frosted glass is very much helpful when used.


The tempered glasses is more safe as compared to other glass since on hard impacts the glass will not shatter in pieces but will make only a minor noticeable scratch on the glass surface giving a big advantage of using a tempered glass table top. Skyscrapers that are high above the ground or even ordinary buildings require their windows to be strong enough to withstand heavy wind blows they might get on that height along with heavy rain falls or even hail, snowfall and on a bright sunny day when temperature will rise on tops.

Designs and Veil look

The tempered glass comes with many designs which could enhance the beauty of your room. These moderate glass can be used as tinted glass which means you can give them a shade according to your requirements and this will greatly improve the privacy in the separation areas along with giving a more color vibrant and illuminated look to your place. Frosted modified glasses can also be used in the same way to give a bright but private look to the furniture or the glass wall.

The impaired glass is as shiny and clear as other glass materials so by using this strong carved glass sheet you will be giving a strong and designed look. Many newly designed patterns and clips to hold the glass can be placed in a tempered glass due to their high durability and nonshattering ability, these designs can be custom made making the glass look like more of an artistic piece in your furniture. Other low-quality glass can crack upon hard grooving of styles and punches making customized glass more effective to use for these kinds.


Heavy Weight

With greater strength comes greater weight”. You have heard that in movies right ? When you are using a design glasses table top by adding an extra hardened surface to it the glass also becomes a little heavy as compared to normal glass materials. The base of the table top, if the color glass is being used as a table top, needs to be strong and balanced enough to hold all the weight of the glass table top. If the base is small and unbalanced there are chances of your table top to fall.

Difficulty in Replacing

When tempered glass is used as a door or separation wall, in showers and tub doors, as the top for counter tables, dining tables use such glasses as table tops. They need to be replaced or shifted at some point in time, this process may take a good amount of time to be completed and a few extra hands are needed, which could be quite expensive most of the time. The hard attached clips and nuts need to be removed with a steady hand and some sensitive tools as there are chances for the tempered glass to get hard hits and scratches that can greatly decrease their beauty and strength.

Having On Design

Having one design and shape doesn’t mean you only get a specific design or shape of such glass. A carved glass after being tempered cannot be reshaped or re-designed because of its strong and hard outer layer that makes it hard. So once you have chosen a glass shape and design changing it is not an option for you.


A tempered glass has its own pros and cons that can be figured out with a little research on this topic. But what we need to conclude is that tempered glass has many advantages as compared to its disadvantages, including its more durable, easy access, and aesthetic look. But few drawbacks like the weight, cost, replacement issues, that can be managed. A tempered glass is the best option for the customers.

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