Police Seek Partner of Pregnant Teacher Marelle Sturrock

The police are conducting a search for the partner of Marelle Sturrock, a pregnant teacher who went missing from her home in Brighton, England, on April 24, 2023. Sturrock, 31, was last seen on Friday evening, when she left a message for her friend saying that she was going to meet her partner, who has not been identified yet. Sturrock’s phone and purse were found at her house, but her car and her partner are missing.

According to the police, Sturrock’s disappearance is being treated as a potential homicide, as there are no signs of her leaving voluntarily or taking her belongings with her. The police have launched an appeal for information from the public, asking anyone who may have seen Sturrock or her car, a silver Volkswagen Polo with the registration number LJ64 XMC, to come forward. The police have also searched Sturrock’s house and the surrounding area, including the beach and the seafront, but have not found any evidence related to her disappearance.

Sturrock, who teaches at a primary school in Brighton, is described by her colleagues as a dedicated and caring teacher who is popular with both students and parents. Sturrock is also six months pregnant with her first child, which adds to the concern for her safety and well-being. Sturrock’s family and friends have expressed their shock and anguish at her disappearance, and have urged anyone with information to contact the police.

The police have not disclosed any details about Sturrock’s partner, except that he is a man who is believed to be in his thirties and who has not been in contact with Sturrock since her disappearance. The police have emphasized that they are not treating Sturrock’s partner as a suspect at this stage, but are keen to locate him to help with their investigation. The police have also warned the public not to approach Sturrock’s partner if they see him, but to call the police immediately.

In conclusion, the police are seeking the partner of pregnant teacher Marelle Sturrock, who went missing from her home in Brighton on April 24, 2023. Sturrock’s disappearance is being treated as a potential homicide, and the police have launched an appeal for information from the public. Sturrock’s family and friends are appealing for anyone with information to come forward, and the police are urging the partner to contact them. The case is ongoing, and updates will be provided as they become available.

Source : BBC

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