Legal Experts Closely Watch As Trump Invited To Testify Before Grand Jury

Former President Donald Trump has been invited to appear before a grand jury investigating his business affairs by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. The move, made last week, could indicate that the investigation is winding down, but it remains unclear whether Bragg will seek an indictment at the end of the process. Three sources with knowledge of the proceedings confirmed the invitation.

The grand jury notification gives Trump the opportunity to appear before the secret panel and be heard in his own defense. Defense attorneys generally consider it risky for a client to testify in that scenario. The investigation led by Bragg has been long-running. Furthermore, it has gained traction in recent months after appearing to be dormant for much of last year.

Charges in connection with payoffs would probably center on the alleged fabrication of fraudulent records. To hide the source of the money given to Daniels if they were to be brought, Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen claims he fronted the money for the transactions and was paid back by his then-boss. In New York, fabricating company records is typically a misdemeanour. If the fabrication was done to cover up or further another crime, prosecutors may file a felony charge.

Trump issued a statement denying having an affair with Daniels and accused prosecutors of trying to “get Trump.” He called the investigation a political witch hunt and reiterated his claims of a rigged election. However, the notification to appear before the grand jury suggests that the investigation is focusing on his business dealings rather than his claims of election fraud.

The notification also Indicates that Trump is the target of a criminal investigation.  New York state law allows a target to request this type of notification when a case against them is being heard by a grand jury if they know independently that proceedings are underway. The grand jury notification is usually given to the target of a criminal investigation to give them a chance to be heard by the panel in their own defense.

The move by Bragg’s office to invite Trump to appear before the grand jury could signify that the investigation is nearing its end. But it is unclear what Bragg’s next steps will be. It remains to be seen whether he will seek an indictment at the end of the process. The notification also puts pressure on Trump to decide whether to appear before the grand jury or to refuse to testify.

Trump’s advisors have said they will advise him not to testify before the grand jury, but it remains to be seen whether he will heed their advice. The notification to appear before the grand jury could be a significant development in the long-running investigation into Trump’s business affairs. Moreover, it will be closely watched by legal experts and political observers alike. For the latest News updates and blog,visit Beitragpost.

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