Lauren Sánchez Will Travel To Space With Blue Origin In An All-Female Spacecraft

Lauren Sánchez, the girlfriend of Jeff Bezos, will lead a crew of five women with Blue Origin to visit space soon.

Lauren Sanchez is a well-renowned journalist who also works with Jeff on charitable endeavors. However, she may soon become famous as the first person to command an all-female space mission on behalf of Blue Origin. Sánchez claims in an interview conducted by The Wall Street Journal that Bezos is now supporting her and excited to lead the female crew, although she had previously wanted to go on missions.

I apologize, Jeff; this one is for the ladies.

Jeff Bezos‘ girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, revealed that she intended to travel to space with the Blue Origin,  Amazon founder’s space manufacturing company, in an all-female spacecraft.

She will travel with five other women.

“It’s going to be women who are making a difference in the world and who are impactful and have a message to send,” she told the channel.

The names of the female travelers will be released once the expedition will get started in 2024.

The WSJ report was Sanchez’s biggest single interview, according to the channel, which made the revelation after her relationship with Bezos came to light in 2019, shortly after the news of his divorce from his ex-wife, MacKenzie Scott.

The conversation also touches on Sánchez’s friendship with Bezos and the corporate guidance he has provided to her (talking last as a boss and confining meetings to a maximum of an hour).

According to Insider, Sánchez, a foregoing newscast journalist and helicopter pilot, established her own production firm called Black Ops Aviation.

“Right now, I’m immersing myself in philanthropy and strategic giving,” she told the channel. She also owns a newly-launched production company, named “Adventure & Fellowship.”

Additionally, Bezos and Sanchez collaborate to choose the recipient of the Bezos Award for Courage & Civility which was given in 2022 to Dolly Parton and gave her $100 million to donate to organizations of her choice.

Hence, Bezos won’t interrupt the females’ trip. Sánchez said, “He’ll be cheering us all on from the sidelines and is excited to make this happen with all of these women. He is really supportive, enthusiastic, and happy that we are putting this group together.”

Sánchez supports the Bezos Earth Fund, which fights climate change, and works with the Bezos Academy, a network of free Montessori schools. She also leads the project “This Is About Humanity”, which aids in providing supplies to children who have lost their parents along the border between the United States and Mexico.

Bezos said to CNN in a recent interview broadcast in mid-November that he will give away the majority of his wealth, just like several other tycoons have promised to.

Scott, the ex-wife, has donated more than $14 billion ever since 2019, a significant amount coming from the Bezos deal.

According to Sánchez, Bezos has continually wanted to donate his money.

She said, “Jeff has always told me since I’ve known him that he’s going to give the majority of his money to philanthropy.”

Source : Entrepreneur

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