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Social Media

How to switch to an Instagram business profile and vice versa? What advantages does each have?

Do you want to change your account to a company profile or vice versa? Still don’t know what are the advantages of using Instagram for business. Considering its unstoppable growth, giving your activity on this network a more corporate and professional touch can benefit your business.

For this reason, I want to show you all the benefits of having a company account in this article since, among its more than 1,100 million active profiles (vice versa), your target audience and potential buyers will be found on this platform.

But, I would also like us to see step by step, after creating an Instagram account, how we can change it to a company profile or, on the contrary, go back to having our original personal profile if we change our minds or so we said.

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What are the advantages of using Instagram for businesses instead of a personal account?

Let’s start with the part that I sense you are looking for right now since, as I recommended at the beginning of this article, given the success of this platform today, if you have a business in which your target audience is on it, you should choose to change your account to an enterprise version.

So here are some reasons to switch to “Instagram for Business”:

» Access to complete and detailed statistics

One of the most attractive aspects of having the business version is that you can access all the statistics of your account.

Among them, you can see the success of your latest publications and your Stories, so you will be able to know what type of content is giving your Brand the best results.

Similarly, the business version of Instagram allows you to see the reach and impressions accumulated in the last week and the city, country, age, and gender your current followers are from.

This will give you a good idea of ​​whether you are attracting the type of users you theoretically decided to include in the Social Media Plan designed to succeed with your project.

» Access to Instagram Ads

When advertising on Instagram Ads, the possibility of seeing your statistics will give you reliable data on the type of segmentation that you must carry out.

The great advantage regarding paid advertising is that, when you create a new Facebook Ads campaign, if you “are from companies” on this other platform, these ads can also be seen on IG at no additional cost.

This fact is that, as you already know, both belong to the same company, so they use this detail as a competitive advantage over paid advertising on other networks.

» Higher traffic and engagement than other social networks

Although there are many social networks, currently, having a presence in it will give your Brand greater online visibility than if you invested much of the time you have planned to dedicate to other platforms.

And it is that you would not be the first entrepreneur to delete his Twitter account or others with a presence today for dedicating more hours to it.

» Your users will see the location of your business

In the case of business profiles, we can indicate our physical location if we have a physical location or offline presence, as well as online.

This is a tremendous advantage since if we use the example that we have an eCommerce, some users who buy over the Internet prefer to see and touch these products beforehand or deal with the clerk to ask them questions in person. 

» It will be known at a glance what your sector is

In the case of corporate profiles (vice versa), another of the advantages that we can find and a fundamental reason to switch to Instagram for companies is the possibility that the users who visit you know at a glance what your Brand is dedicated to.

And it is that if you look at the image above, just below my name. That is, in my case, anyone who does not know me yet and enters my account for the first time can see that I am a “Blogger” and that my main business is this website that you are reading right now.

How to change your account to a business profile on Instagram step by step?

In the same way, as we did previously with the reverse step “corporate account > personal profile,” this time, I have also prepared an image with which it will be straightforward for you to make the change.

The options you will have to enter are:

Without further ado, simply by following and clicking on the options I have marked in the image, you will arrive at the option to transfer your classic personal account to a company profile (vice versa).

Also, if, as I mentioned before, you want to advertise on this social network in the future, you should connect your own Facebook page to it if you already have one created.

To do this, you must use the ” Linked Accounts ” option, check ” Facebook,” and the platform itself will go to it for you to choose one of the Fan Pages of which you are currently the administrator.

What are the advantages of maintaining a personal profile compared to Instagram for companies?

If you have a business for which you want to start having a presence on this social platform, it may seem that the most convenient thing is to have a business-type account.

And it is true. My recommendation is resounding: If you have a business, you must create an Instagram for business.

However, here are some of the reasons why you might want to stay or go back to having a personal profile:

» Increased organic visibility

If you do not favor doing paid advertising and promoting some of your content here through Facebook, it is probably convenient for you to stay in the private version of this network.

This is because, after its latest updates, Facebook gives more organic visibility to personal profiles (and therefore to Instagram profiles) than corporate ones.

Even so, having a business of both services and the sale of products, I recommend that you often bet on doing Facebook Ads campaigns with your Fan Page to “push” a little more some publications that you may occasionally believe will succeed among your community.

» Differentiate between your profiles and that of your business

Many people, somewhat confused by not understanding priori how this social network works, launch themselves to convert their profile (vice versa) to one of the companies and encourage us with tutorials and guides of this type.

However, even if you are the founder or head of your project, if you want to continue having an account to share very personal content, hobbies, etc., with your friends and family, this shouldn’t be your option.

Faced with this situation, I recommend that you separate both aspects and open a new account for your business to publish everything concerning your commercial part.


As you have been able to verify through all the advantages and advice I have been giving you through this article, you can use Instagram for your company.

However, having it in corporate mode has many advantages you cannot miss if you want to have more data to analyze and thus modify everything necessary in your strategy.

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