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How to Make an Onlyfans Account? A Beginner’s Guide

OnlyFans is a very popular social media platform where content creators can make money with the help of the content that they are sharing on the platform. Content creators can provide exclusive content on the platform which can only be accessed with the help of a subscription. The platform gained a lot of popularity during the COVID-19 lockdown and the popularity of the platform is only going up and up. 

Usually, adult-oriented content like photos, videos, and live streams and shared on the platform but, there are also many non-adult-oriented creators on the website who are making a lot of money and this is why there are a lot of people interested in setting up an OnlyFans account. In the guide, we will be informing people how to make an onlyfans account so that they can start their onlyfans journey easily. 

What are the Requirements to Create an OnlyFans Account?

Before we inform you about the process of how to start an onlyfans, you need to know about the requirements that you are supposed to meet when you wish to create a new onlyfans account. Make sure that you are meeting all the requirements that we are giving here as without this you cannot make a new account. 

  1. Age: You need to be above 18 to start an Only Fans account and you need a government-issued ID card to prove that you are meeting the age requirements. 
  2. Personal Information: You need to provide your personal information like name, address, and birth date on the application and if you are not willing to share these then, do not start the process. 
  3. Bank Information or Card details: Since the platform is a subscribed platform, people need to pay creators on the website using direct deposit or payment cars which means that you must provide your bank details and card information on the website. 

Now, that you know about the items necessary to create an account, let’s move forward and know the process to start your journey on OnlyFans. 

How can you Create a new OnlyFans account?

You need to adhere to all the directions that we are giving here when you want to know how to set up onlyfans as any skipped step will make the process difficult for you. 

  1. The sign-up process on Onlyfans is very quick and free as you need to access the official website of Onlyfans to start the process. 
  2. Hit the ‘Sign Up’ tab and proceed to enter your personal information. 
  3. Choose an email address and password for your account. You also have the option to select your Twitter or Google account for login purposes. 
  4. Once you have created your account and set up your profile on the application, you need to choose a subscription fee for your account or make it free if you want everyone to access it. 
  5. The last thing that you need to do is post content on the platform and promote it for better reach. 

Methods to Promote Your Onlyfans Account

After creating your only fans account, make sure to set up your account charges then, start creating high-quality content that satisfies your viewer’s need. To get an initial boost, you can use these tricks to promote your account.

  1. Make an announcement on all your social media handles that you have joined the onlyfans platform.
  2. Use forums and niche communities to find some new followers for your account.
  3. Also promote your account on platforms like Reddit, Tinder, and Twitch.
  4. Collaborate with other onlyfans creators to reach new viewers.

Wrap Up

By following these methods, you can start your onlyfans account without any hassle. And as you can see, we have provided some ways to promote your onlyfans account. Now, stop waiting and start your journey as onlyfans creator.

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