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How Do I Fix “Can’t send messages on instagram for 3 days”?

Instagram has become an important and integral part of our lives especially the texting feature; we often use it to connect with people and our friends on instagram.

But if you cant send messages on instagram then it must be pretty annoying for you as you will not be able to connect with people via messages.

Do not worry, we are going to tell you about the ways which might be able to help you in fixing this problem and helping you start messaging on the platform again.

Reason messages are sending on instagram for the users 

It is essential to find the root of the problem before we get ahead to the solution, so in this blog we will also begin with looking at the reasons first because of which you are unable to send the messages from your account on instagram.

In some cases you might be prohibited from sending messages because of a mistake or an error but it is also possible that you have violated the guidelines of instagram because of which you might not be able to send messages.

So, whatever the reason is, you can still find out ways to resolve failed to send message instagram so without spending time on other things let us find the solutions.

Ways for fixing instagram not allowing to send messages for three days

Wait for three days for the problem to get fixed

The first way which we have for you is to obviously wait for three days until the problem is resolved on its own or you can also contact people using some other platform.

Make use of the web version of instagram platform

The second way which we would like to suggest to you is to try to use the web version of instagram by logging into your account on a desktop.

For this you must first access on your PC and then you should put in your details to get logged in, following which you should tap on the messages option you find on the screen.

Now, you should try to send messages and see if you are able to do so and if the problem of failed to send message instagram is fixed for your account or not.

Get yourself another account to send messages

The  next way which we have for you is to use another account on instagram which you can use to send messages, for this you should first create another account, login into it on your device and then add friends.

Following this you have to switch profiles which you can do by going to your profile and then tapping on your username where you will be presented with your another account on which you could tap and send messages to people you want.

Reporting the problem you are facing to Instagram

The next way which we would suggest you to try is to report the problem you are facing with instagram which is that you can t send messages on instagram.

For reporting the problem you must go to the profile of your account and then you should click on the icon of the menu following which tap on the settings tab before getting to the next step.

Click on the help button and then on report a problem button after which you should choose to report a problem and then include and continue after which you must explain the problem you are facing and finally submit the report.

Do not forget to access on your browser if you want to find out some more and additional information about instagram and use them.

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