Fashion Guide for Men: How to Find Your Personal Style

Fashion Guide for Men: How to Find Your Personal Style

In today’s age of never-ending trends and thousands of fashion influencers, finding your own personal style can be quite a challenge. The clothing that you wear can be your way to express your personality and individualism, but how exactly can you know which clothing is worth giving a shot and which garments don’t deserve your attention? Today, we’ll try to give you some advice on how you can experiment and find your personal style that will make you feel more confident and will help make others take notice.

Find your inspiration 

While looking for your personal style, there is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from other people, be it famous influencers or your close friends. Blogs and magazines such as GQ can bring valuable insight into the latest trends as well as timeless classics that never go out of fashion, which is exactly what you’re looking for at the beginning of your fashion journey. Once you become more interested in fashion, you’ll notice yourself observing people on the streets or casually checking out the style of those who surround you, so why not take notes and use it as a great source of inspiration when creating your own unique look.

Quality over quantity

If there is one golden rule that you need to keep in mind during your fashion journey, it is that you should always prioritize quality over quantity. While it might seem tempting to purchase lots of cheap and trendy clothing, quality should always come first when shopping for classic garments that need to make the foundation of your wardrobe. For example, a high-quality Aran sweater made of merino wool will always make a better investment than a trendy cropped colorblock jumper, as due to the fabric that it is made of and its timeless design, this Irish sweater will be popular even after a few decades. 

Look for sustainable and long lasting pieces

In case you already know what kind of personal style you want to achieve and which garments you need to get to start creating outfits, it’s time to go shopping. However, don’t simply rush to the mass market brands that you can find in the malls and look for more sustainable ones that combine affordability with a high quality. For instance, the Aran sweaters that we’ve already mentioned can’t be bought in regular shops and it is better to look for them online. ShamrockGift is one of those stores, as it provides a wide range of men’s Irish clothing here https://www.shamrockgift.com/mens-clothing that will surely be to your liking. Additionally, don’t ignore thrift shops during your shopping spree, as there are plenty of clothes made of long-lasting textiles like wool, denim, and leather that you can find there for a third of the price. 


Lastly, don’t overlook the importance of accessories when putting together an outfit. The right accessories can elevate a look and add the perfect finishing touches which will make you stand out in any crowd. From statement jewelry pieces like necklaces and earrings down to smaller items such as hats or scarves, these little details should always be added to your looks to show off your personality and individuality. Bags are another essential accessory for every wardrobe, so no matter if you’re looking for something small and portable or a larger bag which can hold more items, make sure to have a bag on you all the time. 

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