Elon Musk Introduces A More Costly Twitter Ad-Free Subscription

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, revealed in a tweet series on Saturday that customers of the firm’s subscription model would see less advertisement, along with an ad-free tier.

Since Musk acquired social network control in October, considerable economic uncertainty has existed.

“Twitter has too many and too large of an advertisement. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be taking action to address both,” Musk wrote on Tweet on Saturday.

Musk also mentioned that “there will be a highly expensive subscription that enables zero commercials” for people who choose to use it.

That would represent a significant change from current economic model, which, until the launch of its premium subscription service in mid-December, relied on ad targeting to make money.

However, Musk’s decision to fire nearly half of 7,500 workers in late 2017 raised questions about the company’s advertising approach. The migration raised worries about the company’s lack of personnel to manage content screening and alarmed governments and advertisers.

CEO Elon Musk ad-free subscription Goals

Musk claimed that his goal was to drastically lower expenses while simultaneously increasing income. Blue, a fresh membership service that costs users for the desired blue verification tick, will help him in doing this.

Both the Android and iOS systems are supported by the service, which is expected to cost $11 a month in the US.

Web memberships are additionally available for $8 monthly or, at a savings, $84 per year.

In addition to the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, and Australia, Twitter Blue is also accessible there.

The unrest engulfing Twitter has been exacerbated by mass layoffs, the reactivation of suspended accounts, and the barring of journalists who have criticised the affluent South African-born tycoon.

Following Musk’s takeover, the number of racist or abusive tweets increased, drawing regular attention and alienating Twitter’s main source of income from significant advertisers.

Elon Musk recognizes that users regularly see an excessive amount of advertisements. He said there was no hope for a fix and intended to penalize Twitter users for not viewing ads.

Recently, CEO confirmed this. Everything should be made available as a new premium subscription. The group may be working on new plans right now. Therefore, it is still necessary to learn the precise conditions of the deal. But in the end, everything happened quickly.

Twitter needs to make money. When the company started selling products instead of paying office rent, it recently caused a stir. Before the acquisition, Twitter’s economic position could have been better.

As a result, the new management has utilized the red pencil. After the takeover, prominent marketing clients will also shun the neighborhood.

CEO of Twitter ad-free subscription membership

CEO is currently addressing customer complaints about too much advertising. Musk wants to maintain the network’s primary income source, advertising. According to Musk, users would have the choice to pay for an ad-free membership.

elon musk

Earlier Hints

According to earlier hints, there will now be “Steps” made to deal with the problem of too much advertising. Right now, the advertising itself occupies too much room. Finally, Musk reaffirmed that a new, more expensive subscription tier would be available that would completely eradicate advertisements.

It has been under contemplation for a while but has not yet taken physical form. Midway through December 2022, Musk had already suggested that an entirely ad-free membership may get introduced this year.

Additionally, Elon Musk stated that current Blue members would only see half as many advertisements as free users.

The head of Twitter, declared in a number of tweets on Saturday that the company’s subscription service would show customers less advertisements and even have an ad-free tier.

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