Buy a Portable AC instead of a Small Room Air Conditioner 

A lot of people in India live in tiny houses where there is no provision for windows or central air conditioning units. Hence, they can’t even install a small room air conditioner to get relief from the intense heat. Their only option is to install a portable air conditioner. These are movable models that are very convenient to use in small spaces. Generally, people install portable AC in attics, offices, and small rooms. Their main advantage is the ease of installation which can be easily shifted between rooms. They are also very affordable to operate and do not require any additional fittings.

The current article will help you understand different types of portable air conditioners and their functioning.

What are portable air conditioners?

Portable air conditioners are type of cooling devices that can easily carry within the house. They are also known as stand-up air conditioners, a self-contained units easily installed anywhere in the room. It’s ideal for a place that has no window. Portable air conditioners have wheels at the bottom, which help in easy movement. It is considered the no 1 AC in India for those who cannot install or fit a central or window AC in their homes.

Nowadays, there is a variety of portable air conditioners in India. You can choose your model based on your needs and budget.

How does a portable air conditioner work?

The working of a portable air conditioner is similar to that of any other small room air conditioner unit. It first draws warm air from the room, extracts heat to lower its temperature and finally releases cool air back into the room.

Parts of Portable Air Conditioners

A portable AC comprises the following components:

Evaporator Coil and Refrigerant: It’s used for cooling the air.

Compressor: It raises the temperature of the refrigerant for the condensation.

Condenser Coil: It helps in cooling the hot refrigerant.

Fan: Moves air around as needed.

The refrigerant becomes active as soon as the fan draws warm air from the room. It has a key role in the cooling of the room.

Types of portable air conditioners

There are three types of portable air conditioners in India:

1. Monoblock Portable Air Conditioner

Such air conditioners are divided into two types: single-hose and dual-hose. 

Single-hose air conditioners 

It’s a basic model of portable ACs that is extremely easy to move. The unit is mounted on wheels and requires no external venting. It cools the stagnant air inside a room by withdrawing excess hot air and moisture, eventually expelling it through a single duct. It needs less electricity and also costs less than a double-hose air conditioner.

Dual-hose air conditioners 

As the name suggests, such air conditioners have two hoses. The first duct collects fresh air from outside and circulates the cool air throughout the room. The second hose draws excess hot air and moisture from the unit and releases it outside.

2. Split Portable Air Conditioner

Split portable air conditioners operate in a similar way as monoblock ACs. However, the former has two distinct parts. The condensing unit is located outside the room, while the portable ventilation unit is placed indoors. However, a flexible hose connects the ventilation unit to the outdoor unit. Split portable ACs are less portable than monoblock units because they require a ventilation unit close to the outdoor condensing unit. It also makes less noise and is lightweight.

3. Self-evaporative Portable Air Conditioner

Such a portable air conditioner is designed in such a way that it releases only hot air and extra moisture. Hence, there is no need to empty the drip tray. Self-evaporative portable air conditioners are smaller and ideal for small spaces. They are suitable for occasional use since they don’t provide the same efficiency as monoblock or split portable air conditioners.

A self-evaporative portable AC saves you from problems such as manual drainage.

A portable air conditioner is a perfect alternative to a small room air conditioner. However, it will be your call whether to go for a portable AC or the no 1 AC in India of a conventional type.

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