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List of 10 Biggest Airports In USA

It’s hardly surprising that the US has some of the largest and busiest airports in the world in a country as competitive as ours. Both domestic and international travelers anxious to travel the world and explore the intricacies of the United States contribute to the country’s air traffic. Also check out our blog list of best hospitals in USA.

Due to this constant demand for quicker and simpler travel options, the United States has been developing and improving its airports since the Jet Age. Here is a quick tour of the Biggest Airports In USA that will wow you with their vastness and those that receive the most passenger traffic. So, continue reading the article till the end!

List Of Biggest Airports In USA

You might be deciding which airports you want to fly through and which you want to avoid as you prepare for your next trip. Crowded airports are often avoided, but what about the largest? What are the US biggest airports? The largest airports in the US aren’t always the largest in terms of size, though they sometimes are. We’ll look at a list of the biggest airport in USA in this article.

1. Denver

You could anticipate Denver to be on the list of biggest airport in USA, but not as the biggest of them! Denver is the largest city in terms of sheer size, yet it only ranks fifth in terms of the number of people entering and exiting the city daily.

DEN has a total size of 135.69 square kilometers or 52 and a half miles. It has six different airstrips, each set apart from the others by around 4,200 ft. for security. With a distance of 16,000 feet, the airport’s largest airstrip is the longest in the country. Also check out the biggest shopping malls in USA.

Given that it was only finished in 1995 and is one of the newest airports on this list, Denver International Airport is regarded as one of the most significant airports in the country for travel. In 2018, work on renovating the 89 gates and two end airports started.

2. Dallas/Fort Worth

The second-largest city on this list, Dallas/Fort Worth, has a total area of about 70 square kilometers (27 square miles). In a space roughly half the size of Denver, this airfield offers five terminals and 191 gates, and those who have been to DFW know what to expect!

The Skylink persons’ mover network, a component of their modernization project, connects all stations. The airport handled about 70 million passengers in 2017, ranking it the 12th busiest airport in the world.

3. Orlando

Given that Walt Disney World and many other sites in this tourist-heavy region are only a half-hour away, Orlando International Airport is a tremendously crowded site.

McCoy US Air Force Base, which initially covered 54 square kilometers, was transformed into MCO in 1976 for civil purposes. Two terminals and 129 gates are throughout the airport’s four corridors. Approximately 50 million people pass through MCO each year, and the airport expects to build another terminal soon to handle the rising volume of travelers.

4. Washington (Dulles)

Given that Dulles is located on the Northern Virginia side of Washington, DC, it should be no surprise that it is one of the biggest airports in the USA. Twenty-two million passengers pass through this airport annually, using its 53 square kilometers (20 square feet) of passenger space. Checkout the famous places to visit in USA.

The airport, located 25 miles southwest of Washington, DC, is accessible in around 45 minutes. Over three terminals, there are 113 gates. It is one of the most accessible airports because most foot traffic is present inside the terminal building.

5. George Bush

George Bush Intercontinental Airport is operated by the city of Houston and is distinguished for serving as United Airlines’ second-largest hub. Over 40 million people are transported by nearly 500,000 aircraft movements entering and exiting IAH annually. The airport boasts a 15-mile square footprint.

IAH is among the first airports to use United Airlines’ contactless customer support technology, enabling customers to communicate with agents without waiting in line, due to its prominence and location. They can video chat with a customer support agent using their mobile devices.

6. Salt Lake City

Near Salt Lake City, the SLC airport spans a total area of about 12 square miles. Thanks to connections between this stunning airport and the Utah Transit Authority, residents may park outside the airport and enter using the TRAX system while saving money compared to parking at the actual airport.

SLC is undoubtedly one of the least busy airports on our top 10 list. It has just over 24 million people traveling each year. The 1960-built airport has recently undergone several improvements to ensure it can handle the steadily rising traffic. Read blog to know more about the biggest football stadiums in USA.

7. O’Hare

Due to its handy position in the Midwest, this airport sees a lot of traffic. It has over 80 million passengers passing through it annually. You can only imagine how crazy it can sometimes get there. O’Hare is approximately the same size as SLC and only receives about 25% as many visitors.

8. San Francisco

There are currently seven runways at ORD, and an eighth will soon finish. Currently, there are 191 various gates present over four nodes. They are working with engineers to specify how to improve future traffic flow.

San Francisco International is the only airfield on this list of the biggest airports in USA, and it is one of four terminals that serve the Bay Area. It is about 13 miles south of the city center and occupies a plot of land that is roughly 8.5 square miles (21.07 km) in size.

This four-terminal, 115-gate airport is present as noisy and challenging to navigate because of the high foot traffic. They initiated a quiet airport project where they connect with passengers more through textual or digital means. It was rather than the PA system to lessen noise in the airport.

9. John F Kennedy Airport

John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City, frequently alluded to by its call sign, “JFK,” is yet another anticipated choice among the biggest airports in USA. On an area of 8 square miles, this airport has eight terminals and accommodates about 60 million passengers annually. Checkout the list of top bars in America.

Presently, Governor Cuomo is collaborating with the city to modernize the fields, increase ground transit, and enlarge the airport. The Queens airport will get two more terminals due to this 5-year project. It will boost capacities and increase visitor numbers.

10. Detroit Metropolitan

The three-square-mile Detroit Metropolitan Airport, which is present in Wayne County close to the metropolis, is one of the major highlights on this list. Considering its small size, this airport sees 34 million people each year, which is quite busy.

With only four concourses and 103 gates, this airport is present in a short space. They will grow to make the area even more prominent. It is as the airport gains popularity as a transit point and travel destination.

Final Remarks

As everyone knows, airports in the US are often substantially more significant than those in other nations. Therefore, we are discussing larger areas with additional gates and high daily and annual traffic volumes. The busiest airport in the world, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, is located in the United States. It is the busiest according to recent statistics, despite not being among the ten biggest airports in terms of surface area. The top 10 biggest airports in the United States are present in the list of biggest airports in USA above.

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