Best eyewear that combines fashion and technology

A lot of eyewear brands are out there that blend with seamless design and technology. Whether you put on glasses to protect your eyes from merciless sunrays or you wear them just to jazz up your appearance, you will have a variety of brands to pick from, and the good thing is that not all of them will burn a big hole in your pocket.

In addition to performing the role that they are known for, these glasses come with AR frames and switchable lenses. Each brand offers a unique design. While some boast about protection against UV rays, others brag about transitioning to a darker shade when the sun is harsh. Here are some of the glasses that perfectly blend with style and technology.

Razersuperfuture Matte Black Glasses

When you are outdoors, these spectacles can block UVA and UVB light, thanks to photochromic lenses. As the lenses are exposed to the sunlight, they are transitioned to a darker shade to protect your eyes, and you do not need an additional pair of sunglasses.

The best quality of these sunglasses is that they can protect your eyes from strain when you are constantly using the screen. These sunglasses can help maintain focus while reducing the impact of blue light. They can block the rays up to 420nm.

It features a matte black finish. It is made from a material that is stronger as well as lighter. When you put it on this glass, you will feel as if you have not worn anything. It is very comfortable and durable. It is environment-friendly as well.

Cleaning the lenses is very easy. You can wash glasses thoroughly under running water. Dry them with a soft cloth. Make sure you do not wipe them when they are dry, as dust particles will cause scratches.

Pair Eyewear Wider Base Frames

If you are looking for stylish eyeglasses, you should consider Pair Eyewear Wider Base Frames. These glasses look bigger but attractive on your face. They ensure that they fit completely. This brand offers various types of wider frames that make it easier for you to pick the right size according to your face contour. These cat eye pairs are perfectly timeless.

XREAL Light AR glasses for developers

If you are looking to have an augmented reality experience, you should try to use XREAL Light AR glasses. You can get this experience on an Android mobile platform. It can automatically adapt to your environment. These spectacles are lightweight and ready to wear. Whether you are wearing formal or casual dress, they can easily blend with your outfit.  

These AR spectacles are comfortable; you will feel like you have not worn glasses. Without any discomfort and heaviness, you will be able to connect with physical objects in your environment. These glasses are durable and lightweight. They will let you have a panoramic view of the field spanned across.

You can link them with your smartphone. Exploring the augmented reality feature when connected to the phone becomes easy. If you do not want to connect it to the phone, you can control them from XREAL.

The best feature about these sunglasses is that they are known for constantly monitoring your real-time position. This feature is called 6 DoF tracking. It boasts positional tracking at 6 degrees.

You can use the glasses even at home or outdoors. However, when you order these glasses, you will get a complete kit that includes the controller and computing unit along with the glasses.

Filter Optix blue light glasses

Filter Optix blue light glasses will lower your eye strain and improve your sleep. They are the best eyeglasses that help for keeping you healthy. These glasses are scientifically developed that provide your eyes protection against blue light.

You will improve your health with the help of cardiac rhythm and better sleep. Filter Optix offers four colour lenses, and they are all lab-tested that guarantee protection against blue light. These top-notch lenses are best known for reducing the effects of blue light emitting from the screen of your phone and monitor.

Most people complain about dry eyes due to exposure to screens. It causes a lot of strain. All these problems can let up by using these glasses. They are best known for filtering out blue light as much as possible.

Another benefit of using these glasses is that they come with a premium coating. They are coated with multiple scratch-resistant layers that remove the chances of glare and light bounce-off. This is also a good reason why these glasses are known for improving your eyes’ health.

It is not mandatory to have a prescription to order these glasses. Filter Optix blue light glasses are available with and without prescriptions. They are custom-made glasses.

If you buy clear and yellow glasses, they will completely eliminate glare and drastically whittle down the absorption of blue light emitted from digital lights.

Our Clear computer glasses completely eliminate glare and significantly reduce the most intense blue light. Yellow glasses will have stronger effects on reducing the effects of blue light on your eyes. You will not feel less strain on your eyes. You can use these glasses for both day and night. Likewise, you can choose the orange and red colours as well.

The final word

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