Best 5 Phone Cleaner Apps for Android Users in 2023

Best 5 Phone Cleaner Apps

Smartphones are becoming an essential gadget for each one of us. The handy device can aid us in
performing most of our educational and official tasks on the go. An Android device is just like a PC in
your hand which can aid you in all your work. This significant importance makes it essential for us to
ensure the functional efficiency of your smart device.

Out of all the factors influencing mobile functionality the clustered system space is the prominent
element. A reduced device memory eventually will make less system storage space available for your
system processes. To address this issue, we need to learn about the best phone cleaner app that can
enhance your system memory. Read on to learn about the best 6 phone cleaner apps for Android
users in 2023.

Phone Cleaner Apps for Android

We have tried, tested, and compared dozens of the best phone cleaner apps and listed out the top 5
best phone cleaner apps for Android in 2023.

  1. Smart Phone Cleaner
  2. Files by Google
  3. Norton Clean
  4. AVG Cleaner
  5. CCleaner

Smart Phone Cleaner

If you want an efficient Phone cleaner app for Android for boosting and optimizing performance,
Smart Phone Cleaner can help you. This superior tool can clean up clutter, identify duplicate files,
protect your device from infection, secure your online privacy, and many more.


●      Beneficial game speed-up feature
●      Simple and easy one-tap cleaning option
●      Can free up more system space by removing junk files
●      Ability to optimize both internal and external storage
●      Battery saver app for your smart device

●      Ability to hibernate applications
●      Capability to protect your device from malware
●      Will allow users to view and manage WhatsApp media files
●      Can identify and remove duplicates

●      Available only for the Android operating system

Files by Google

Are you in search of an integrated utility for viewing files as well as cleaning your device memory?
Then Files by Google is your go-to choice. The official Android file manager by Google is the superior
utility that can help you declutter your smartphone memory. The Google tool can assist you in
cleaning your system space by removing your junk and duplicate files.


●      Can sort files available in your phone’s memory
●      Compatible with large-screen devices and foldable phones
●      Capability to monitor free space in internal and external devices
●      Can provide useful guidance to clear memory

●       Ability to share files offline

●      Can identify redundant files fast
●      Capability to store files in cloud memory
●      Provides a safe file-sharing option

●      Available only for the Windows operating system

Norton Phone Cleaner

Being the well-recognized application Norton Clean can optimize your system space with ease and
comfort. The Symantec Norton Clean app can remove residual files and junk files from your phone to
reclaim your precious system space. The utility has a huge package of features including cache
cleaner, junk cleaner, APK residue cleaner, and much more.


●      Trusted and used by wide user circle
●      Clear out uninstalling residues of your Android device

●      Can provide precise analysis and identify duplicate files accurately
●      Available for almost all versions of your Android devices

●      Ability to remove manually installed APK files
●      Capable of removing bloatware and clearing out rarely used apps
●      Can manage the app available in the internal and external storage
●      Can clear out the residual files

●      Comparatively little expensive

AVG Phone Cleaner

Well known for its reliability, AVG Cleaner is used by a large group of users. The utility can enhance
your smartphone performance by removing junk files. The superior functionality of the tool can clear
out your gallery thumbnails and redundant applications. With AVG Cleaner in your smart device, you
can stay calm ensuring that your Android mobile is safe and secure. Apart from the memory-cleaning
ability the tool can help you in optimizing the battery consumption and apps available in your


●      Can automatically identify similar photos
●      Superior battery saver and battery profile features
●      Can suggest you rarely used applications to remove
●      Ability to remove large files

●      Offers data encryption option
●      Provide customizable reminders
●      Superior auto reminder option to identify and delete junk
●      Open source licensing

●      Can occupy more of your system spaces


Being the best phone cleaner app, CCleaner can ensure the fast functionality of your smartphone by
cleaning redundant files. The tool can remove redundant cache files, browser history, clipboard
items, and call logs. The application is available for both home devices and business devices.
CCleaner is also one of the renowned PC cleaners and optimizers for Windows.


●      Superior ability to remove unnecessarily junk files
●      Capability to analyze and fix device errors automatically
●      Can disable unnecessary background processes
●      Have the ability to remove internet trackers

●      Easy-to-use interface
●      Ability to streamline your internet connectivity
●    Capacity to monitor your device performance

●      Can update your smartphone with ease

●      A paid subscription is essential for extensive app features

Summing Up

Cleaning Android device memory and storage is an essential task for all. However, finding the best
methods and options to do it may require some expert insights. We have done the research for you
and listed the best six Android cleaners for users in 2023. We believe the info given in this brief is
useful and feel free to contact us for any doubts.

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