5 most trending jewellery of 2021 on Instagram

Social media is the go-to spot for any latest trends these days. Instagram being the hub for the youth, most influencers are on the same level as fashion models, modelling clothes and jewellery so you can buy them, similar to a big brand store. If you’re looking for the latest trends of jewellery in 2021, then Instagram is the place you should be looking for. We have narrowed down the list for you so do check it out.

  1. Colourful beaded jewellery

Who said beaded jewellery was only a part of childhood dress-up? The childhood fascination has creeped its way right up to 2021, making it one among the top five trending jewellery items on Instagram. Colourful beads stacke up in different combinations are use to make necklaces, bracelets and even earrings. They add a very contemporary look to the whole attire and gives an artistic feel as well.

  1. Mismatched earrings

This trend is getting very popular among Instagram jewellery and fashion influencers. In a set of mismatched earrings, one is usually a stud or a hoop and the other ear a drop down, long studded one. Not everyone can carry off this look, and it looks far better on models than in real life unless you dress the same way. Nevertheless, it sure is a drift from your usual look, which you can try out if you’re adventurous with your dressing up.

  1. Hidden halo rings

Hidden halo rings aren’t exactly new but they are back in fashion on Instagram for 2021. The hidden halo engagement rings have a large centre stone that sits on top of a circumference of small diamonds that are beneath the stone. It gives an uplifting appearance. The design is such that the focus is draw to the centre stone as it looks like it is on a bed of the tiny stones. The reason it is called hidden halo is because you don’t really notice the array of smaller stones until you look closely. These are a popular choice for engagement ceremonies.

  1. Bulky metallic anklet

Earlier we have seen the trend of delicate anklets to adorn delicate feet of women. That trend is long gone now. The latest on Instagram is large, metallic anklets. They are bulky enough to be notice even more than the necklace you might be wearing. These anklets are usually of steel, silver or copper. Some designs have feather like shapes hanging from them that look similar to a dream catcher, while some have geometrical shapes on them. They look elegant worn with skirts, midis or pants that leave your ankles revealed. Even flowy, short dresses can be well complement by these chunky anklets.

  1. Floral motifs

Floral motifs are gaining popularity especially among women who opt for a more delicate and feminine look. Large earring and necklaces with pendants having floral motifs are being seen all over the internet, especially on Instagram. Jewellery influencers model in them all the time. They are a perfect choice for grand events and ceremonies such as weddings, formal dinner parties, engagement ceremonies, etc. 

Instagram jewellery posts also mention sites where you can buy them and offer discount coupons as well. So if your heart is set on a piece, just check the link below for more details. There are new trends emerging for lab grown diamond engagement rings. Stay updated so you can look like a stunner on your big day.

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