15 Best Selling Car in America

Which vehicles is the best selling car in America? You, as a shopkeeper, need to have this data at your fingertips. Understanding sales patterns will assist you in making sound judgments.

We’re here to assist! Think about the top 15 selling cars in the US and how your auto repair shop may cater to their needs.

Portage F-Series

No curve balls here; the Portage F-series sold the most units (653,957) for the 41st year straight! Striking, right? For a consecutive period of 46 years, the trucks have maintained their position as the top-selling car line.

Portage F-Series

It is a car shop that can help you store Portage-specific components and accessories. In addition, because you will have many of these customers, you may tailor your services to their specific needs. If your store is equipped to handle Passage models, advertise to Portage customers and draw attention to the specific services you provide. 

Chevy Silverado

The Chevrolet Silverado’s sales of 513,354 vehicles place it second only to the Ford F-series. It overtook the Smash truck to become the second best-selling car in America again in 2022. However, the Silverado 1500 was superior then the Smash pickup with its redesign for 2022.

 Smash Pickup

In 2022, the Smash pickup dropped from being America’s most popular vehicle to third place. The famous pickup truck lost its position as the best-selling car in 2021, which contributed to the downturn.

There were 468,344 units sold that year. The deals were somewhere near practically 18%. However, it kept up with its spot at number three.

Toyota RAV4

All around the world, this is the subsequent best selling car in America. It’s the fourth most common selection for automobiles.

The Toyota RAV4 kept up with its spot as one of the most fantastic selling cars as of late, despite the fact that the deals were around nearly 1.9%. In 2022, it racked up 399,941 sales.

Toyota Camry

With a total of 296,201 units sold, another Toyota vehicle makes the cut. There’s something peculiar about the fact that this is the best selling car in America that isn’t an SUV or a pickup truck. Despite a 5.9% dip in sales, In 2022, the Camry was still one of the five best-selling cars in America.

Toyota Camry

GMC Sierra

With 2022 sales of 241,522 units, the GMC Sierra was one of the top 10 best-selling vehicles in the United States. The GMC brand of trucks is quite similar to the Chevrolet brand. Even though it sells more vehicles than any other American manufacturer, Chevrolet is not the cheapest to service.

GMC Sierra

Honda CR-V

In 2022, Honda CR-V sales amounted to 238.155 units. According to global comparative analysis, the Tesla Model Y outperformed the Honda CR-V. In the United States, this model outsold the Tesla by a wide margin. This year, it has maintained its position at 35% of the market despite a downturn in business.

Honda CR-V

Toyota Tacoma

In 2022, 237,323 copies of the iconic pickup truck were sold. The Tacoma maintains its amazing standing among truck aficionados thanks to its tough display and going 4×4 romping qualities.

Toyota Tacoma

Tesla Model Y

As per Engine Knowledge, Tesla is the best selling car in America, interestingly, with deals expanding by practically 33%.

Tesla Model Y

This model sold 231,400 units in the United States alone. However, sales increased globally, up to 771,300 units. Without a doubt, it is an electric sport utility vehicle used by professionals.

Jeep Amazing Cherokee

In 2022, 223,345 Jeep Amazing Cherokees were purchased. Its average discount was around 15%. The best selling car in America, however, was established by this time.

Jeep Amazing Cherokee

The success of the Fabulous Cherokee may be attributed in large part to the ‘L’ variant. This variant games seven seats and adaptable highlights to make enormous family drives considerably really encouraging.

Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander had a rough year. At a certain point, being one of the main 10 top-of-the-line cars was good to go. However, prices fell at the end of the year, and the debut of the car at number eleven on this list caused a significant dip in sales. In all, 2022 saw the sale of 222,805 products.

 Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla has earned a reputation for its durability, excellent gas mileage, and low price. Fans of motor vehicles will appreciate its reliability. As the best selling car in America in 2022, this model fared remarkably well. However, in the United States, sales fell by about 11%.

Toyota Corolla

Chevy Equinox

In 2022, the Chevrolet Equinox was responsible for around 212,072 sales. There was a 28% increase in transactions involving the compact hybrid in comparison to 2021.

 Portage Traveler

This popular Portage model had a 6% reduction in transactions. Only 207,673 were sold that year. In comparison to other SUVs in the segment, the Wayfarer requires assistance in the sales department. Jeep’s Excellent Cherokee and Toyota’s Highlander are at the top of the list.

Portage Traveler

 Tesla Model 3

In 2022, the Tesla Model 3 ranked 15 on the list of the best-selling automobiles in America, with sales of around 198,200 units.

Why Retail Stores Should Know of the Best Selling Car in America

Storing the Right Parts

Above all else, if you know which cars is the best selling car in America, you will realize what parts and assistants to store in your auto mechanics shop. This data assists you with addressing your clients’ necessities and augmenting your benefits.

Focusing on the Right Client

You can tailor your promoting endeavors in light of the most famous vehicle models. Assuming you are aware of the most popular SUV in your region, you may target certain owners with specific objectives.

Foreseeing Future Patterns

You can keep up with the latest industry trends and anticipate upcoming shifts by keeping tabs on this information. You’ll be able to keep one step ahead of other businesses in your area if you take advantage of these major advantages.

Giving Client Support

 You may also provide specialized services for those brands and models when you are aware of the best selling car in America. This encourages you to think like a client and give them with individualized service. Researching the top-selling vehicles in the United States can provide you insight into your target audience.

Acquiring a Marketable Advantage

Having pertinent information on deal patterns gives you a critical upper hand over your rivals. Helps you connect with customers during conversations with them. This association will prompt recurrent business and expanded income.

Reward Highlight

Additionally, find any way to improve your insight about vehicle measurements in America. When you know which areas have the most car owners and which households have several cars, you can better target your marketing efforts. This data can also come in handy in the future when you’re ready to establish permanent operations for your vehicle repair business.

Let’s go into the list of the top 15 cars sold in 2022 now that you know the auto repair map for determining the best selling car in America.

Factors That Impact a Vehicle’s Popularity

You have probably driven some of the top-selling vehicles in America. However, looking at previous purchasing trends, what factors do motorists often consider when making a car purchase decision?

We should think about the main three parameters:

  • Reliability 
  • Brand value 
  • Cost-effectiveness


Many drivers consider reliability quality evaluations while going with a significant choice, like purchasing a vehicle. Reports like J.D. Powers and Purchaser Reports impact a typical client’s choice of vehicle. This data is also essential to get to know a shop.

According to Autolist, two of the most trustworthy manufacturers are Toyota and Lexus. Kia is close behind Hyundai in the ranks on this site. Lexus and Kia still need to be handled even if several Toyota models have surpassed the best selling car in America in 2022.

It would be prudent to stock up on Lexus and Kia auto parts given their reputation for reliability, which ranks them with Toyota. Having in-depth knowledge of these labels will bring in a whole new set of customers to your store.

Brand Worth 

According to Qualtrics, “the financial worth of your image if you somehow managed to sell it” is what constitutes a brand’s “brand esteem.”

So, Tesla outperformed the concept in terms of brand value. According to Statista, it is the most valuable automaker in the world thanks to its $75.93 billion in brand value.

Next up is Toyota, with $33.11 billion in brand regard. Toyotas last a long time and are reliable, making them a great choice for regular drivers. This information can be utilized to guide the operations of your store.


Toyota positions close to the top regarding financial savvy and client incentives.

For your shop, that data matters! It features the significance of saving quality parts and accessories for Toyota, having some expertise in fix work on Toyota models, and focusing on the brand’s clients with custom-fitted promoting efforts.

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