Top Travel YouTubers in India

Top Travel YouTubers in India
The word “travel” holds a deeper meaning than just a synonym to describe movement from one
point to the next. It’s the experience that one feels along the way that makes the journey
worthwhile. This is a way you step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, experience new
cultures and traditions, discover the wonderful bounties of the world, and connect with nature –
most importantly, learn and grow as a person and make memories along the way. Sounds
amazing, doesn’t it? However, if traveling was easy, everyone would be doing it. There are
multiple obstacles, from envisioning the thought of exploring and serious consideration to
making an itinerary while traveling. Don’t worry; let us welcome you to our list of top travel
YouTubers in India who can help you.

In the world of travel and tourism, travel YouTubers act as guides who prepare you best for
everything you will encounter before, during, and after your journey. They come from diverse
niches. You have solo backpackers, family travelers, luxury travelers, food vloggers,
photographers, Moto vloggers, environmentalists, nomads, and everything in between – allowing
you to follow the ones that best match your travel requirements.
Indian travel YouTubers document their travels from start to finish. They provide safety travel
advisories and tips on sustainable travel options and accommodations. Furthermore, they also
work with hotels, travel agencies, transportation services, and tourism boards on marketing
campaigns designed for reach and awareness.
We have discussed the best Indian travel YouTubers in our list below, which we have prepared
by working with the influencer marketing agency.

Top Travel YouTube Channels in India

Varun Vagish

Indian travel vlogger Varun is passionate about traveling and isn’t afraid to tell the world about it.
During his time as a mass communication student in New Delhi and his job in the government
PR department, Varun made travel videos. Eventually, he left his normal life behind to pursue
traveling as a full-time career and hasn’t looked back since. He specializes in budget and solo
traveling. Varun created his YouTube channel to assure his viewers that anyone can travel if
they can decide. His videos are detailed and informative (available in Hindi and English),
crossing millions of views monthly. Varun loves interacting with the locals, embarrassing their
culture, and bringing people together through his efforts.
The National Award recipient has traveled to 20 + countries, documenting his experiences
behind his lens. His travel advisory, itinerary check, and safety tips can help you plan your next

Deepanshu Sangwan

Deepanshu Sangwan is one of India’s most lovable travel YouTubers who currently resides in
Chandigarh. After completing their education, Deepanshu decided to become a full-time
traveler. He created his YouTube channel in 2017, intending to share his travel experience with
the world. In the pursuit of following his dreams, Sangwan has traveled across 25+ countries.
During his journey, Deepanshu interacts with the locals, talks about India, and familiarizes
himself with the transportation services, food, and more In the region. This allows the Indian
travel YouTuber to recommend guidelines to his subscribers for safe travels and cost-efficient

Tanya Khanijow

Tanya Khanijow from India is a travel vlogger, solo traveler, and filmmaker who can take you on
a movie-like adventure. Tanya can get that traveler in you excited to pack your bags and go to
unknown places and destinations for enriching life experiences. Her videos are breathtaking and
informative, showcasing multiple cities and states across all continents. Tanya Khanijow has
been on the road for a long time. Tanya is breaking stereotypes around women travelers and
encouraging the next generation to follow their passion. Every experience teaches Tanya new
things, which she loves to share with the world. Truly Tanya is one of the best travel Influencers
in India that you should follow today.

Kritika Goel

Kritika Goel, an Indian resident, is recognized as one of the best travel YouTubers ever because
of the many experiences she shared about her life and adventures on YouTube, Instagram,

Twitter, and her personal Blog. What started as a quick escape from her cubicle life became a
passion that Kritika Goel follows daily. The influencer uploads new videos every week
showcasing places and people worldwide. Kritika’s vlogs are very detailed. She talks about the
landscape, architecture, and culture she encounters. The content creator also shares her
itinerary list and provides safety tips that immensely help her followers.

Navankur Chaudhary

A globetrotter who has visited multiple countries on different continents – meets Navankur
Chaudhary, a doctor living as a travel vlogger. He shares his unique experiences as he
backpacks to exotic destinations. Navankur documents every step, from finding a destination,
booking tickets, finding accommodations, finding local travel guides, and more to help his
audience. The explorer also indulges in the culture, tradition, and food of the places he visits.
Navankur has played a vital part in opening borders and encouraging travel enthusiasts to go
out and experience new things in their lifetimes.

Rohit Manocha

Popular Indian entrepreneur Rohit Manocha has been making incredible strides as a Lifestyle,
travel, and tech YouTuber for a long time. Rohit goes by traveling desi, and he has traveled to
more than 25 countries. His experiences are documented in videos and organized into playlists
on YouTube. Rohit explores the rich and diverse culture of India.
Rohit is happily living the life of a nomad. You will see him integrating and embracing the
essence of the places he visits. This makes Rohit relatable to the masses. Rohit Manocha has
one of India’s best travel YouTube channels, which is growing every day.

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