The Top RV Selling Website: Where to Buy and Sell Used RVs

Are you done with your recreational vehicle and are looking for places to put it up for sale?
Whether you are upgrading your RV or downsizing the vehicle to a small camper, selling your
RV can be really challenging if you don’t advertise it well. Likewise, those looking to buy a used
RV might have to check different websites to find a used RV that has all the basic amenities and
sufficient space to accommodate their families.
Buying and selling a recreational vehicle is not different from selling a car. You can take the
vehicle for a test drive, conduct an inspection, and negotiate the price before settling the deal.
However, since RVs are relatively costlier than cars, the buyer will want to carefully evaluate its
core features. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of buying and selling RVs online, the
best RV selling websites, and some tips for buying and selling this vehicle successfully. Let’s
take a look.
Benefits of Buying and Selling RVs Online
Your RV might be too old to be driven anymore or you are bored of it. Whatever the reason,
selling it online is the best decision, as you get tons of options to list your recreational vehicle
and attract the attention of your target audience. You can reach an RV dealer, who can help sell
the vehicle while fulfilling all the legal responsibilities associated with an RV. If you are looking
to exchange your used RV for a new motorhome, that can be arranged too. With more than
7000 dealers in the US, you can find someone who will help you find a motorhome. You can
trade your RV for that.
You can start with the Facebook marketplace. It’s free and is the best way to reach out to your
potential customers. You can list your recreational vehicle and mention all details about the
model, manufacture date, pricing, amenities, fuel, and so on. You can also set the target
audience, i.e. people within a specific geographical location. This will personalize your ad post
and attract people who might be interested in buying an RV. While social media marketing is the
cheapest way to sell your vehicle, it’s not always reliable. There’s a chance your post might get
mixed and lost in the search results.
Your best bet is to look for the best RV-selling websites and register an account on one of
them. You need to pay a small fee for listing your vehicle and there you go! You will get the right
exposure. Your vehicle will most likely be sold within a few weeks of listing. The best part is
there’s no risk of scams as only trusted buyers visit RV selling platforms.
Factors to Consider When Choosing an RV Selling Website
There are many RV-selling sites that allow you to list your recreational vehicle on the official
website with a description, photos, and even videos of your RV. The right website can sell a
camper and any kind of recreational vehicle to the audience you have selected. Here’s what to
look for in an RV-selling website.
● Details: A customer wants to know every little detail of a recreational vehicle before they
meet the seller in person. These details should include the make and model of the
vehicle, the number of people it can accommodate, fuel type, length, condition, RV type,
slideouts, location, cost, and mileage. The more information you can provide, the better
your chances of finding the right buyer for your RV.
● Photos and Videos: You must be able to upload as many photos as you want.
Customers will scroll through these pictures to check your RV from different angles. You
can also upload pictures of the engine, cabin, bedroom, sink, kitchen, bathrooms,
flooring, etc. to get a clear idea of what your RV looks like on the inside. Some websites
also allow you to upload videos.
● Contact: There should be a contact icon, which helps customers find your mobile
number, social accounts, address, and other contact details. This should be visible right
next to the price and description of the RV so that they can easily get in touch if they are
The Best RV Selling Website – RVPostings
RVPostings has been one of the leading RV-selling websites for years. The website has listed
hundreds of RVs from different locations on the platform. It helps attract thousands of customers
and helps buyers filter the search list by location, the type of RV, and special features. You may
have researched different dealers and buyers in your area, but a manual search can be
Plus, it’s very difficult to target the right audience or look for people actively looking for an RV.
RVPosting simplifies your search by connecting you to those looking for the vehicle you are
selling. The website offers all features, as mentioned earlier, and provides you with a reliable
space to showcase your vehicle, its price, details, photos, and other information.
The best part about the platform is that you don’t have to find dealers. The website does the
work for you. They will look for customers who have an interest in your RV type and model and
will help them find your listing. They have clearly displayed the contact icon, allowing your
customers to get in touch with you for further discussion. It’s one of the best RV-selling sites
and has a reasonable fee structure.
So, are you looking for used RV sites? Consider working with RVPosting. It’s the best place to
list your vehicle for sale and find the right customer. Make sure you mention every little detail of
your vehicle to avoid future confusion.
Small details, like the size, length, flooring, walls, kitchen, and cabinet should be specified in the
description. You can also use the “Features” section to mention any special feature of the
vehicle, such as the dining space or an entertainment area. Make full use of the listing section
and sell your RV to the right buyer.

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