The Strange Story Of How Johnny Depp Startled Marlon Brando With A Fart Machine

Given that Marlon Brando is regarded as one of the most prominent actors in Hollywood history, his reputation is associated with being a serious and dedicated professional. It did not prevent the odd joke from occasionally infiltrating the set. Over the years, Brando had developed a reputation for pulling practical jokes on his co-stars and other notable movie characters. Any trickster will tell you that such behavior can land you in the crosshairs of retaliation: enter Johnny Depp.

In his 2005 introduction to Christie’s: The Personal Property of Marlon Brando, Depp described the time he played a practical joke on the Godfather actor, telling a strange tale that had little to do with Brando’s on-screen persona. Humor was the connection level that was most reliable out of all of them. Depp recalls his interactions with Brando, whom he admired, as humor that frequently involved practical pranks. No one was as talented or as skilled a craftsman as Marlon was in this field.


“He had the childlike sense of humor we both had,” he continued. He previously answered my question about why farts are usually humorous. They are anti-social, he responded.

Additionally, the Pirates of the Caribbean star claims that Brando called him and asked if he would be interested in playing a small role in a movie being shot in Ireland and asked him to read the script. Depp relates how Brando kept the specifics simple and advised him not to overanalyze it as he would be portraying a reporter from Rolling Stone magazine in New York. After “a few years of receiving practical pranks,” Depp saw this as his chance to avenge Brando.

Marlon Brando

When Depp arrived at Brando’s home to have dinner and arrange the shooting schedule, he got greeted warmly and enthusiastically. Marlon Brando was unaware that Depp had a “wonderful little rubber contraption secreted in (his) pocket that, if perfected and properly greased, would unleash the most authentic-sounding farts in the history of imitation fart noises,” according to the article.

Depp would randomly hit the fart button while throwing in an odd food quip to further the comedy. Brando maintained his pleasant demeanor and limited his comments. Depp clicked the button at the appropriate times, but the celebrity could not restrain himself.

Fart device

He eventually got “the smile of a five-year-old” when Depp revealed who was making the noises in the first place. Then, as a further surprise, Depp gave him the fart device, prompting the seasoned actor to exclaim, “I’ve discovered God!” The star of Crybaby claimed that they “were both victors as the fart machine became a source of pleasure for many years.”

After the laughter died, Marlon Brando resumed his conversation with the young actor, telling Depp that they would “start filming the film on Monday” and that he “would need to meet the director” the following day. Brando’s question stunned Depp. He had no concept of what he was talking about when he questioned how his accent was progressing.

Marlon Brando responded, “The accent from Dublin. You need to read the script. You’re portraying a Dublin-based reporter!

I had less than a day and a half to perfect my Irish accent before 5 a.m. on Monday, Depp continued. “Marlon laughed so hard that he almost broke in two. He had been preparing this disgusting ruse for months. Despite Depp’s best attempts, Brando won the day in one of the numerous odd anecdotes about him.

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