7 Secrets for Efficiently Marketing Your Product with Custom Display Boxes 

When you plan to market your product successfully, one radical question in your mind is how to find new avenues to persuade your customers and grab their attention efficiently. The answer is simple: use custom display boxes! 

These are the packaging boxes placed on the countertop and equipped with eye-catching designs, unique color schemes, and innovative styles enough to convince a mere passerby to pick up your products. The best thing about custom display boxes is that they are kept in the right place and time to target your audience. 

Top 7 Hacks for Marketing Your Custom Display Boxes 

We have disclosed amazing secrets for marketing your product with custom display boxes to maximize your leverage. 

Make Your Packaging Design Trendy 

When you create a trendy design for your custom printed display boxes, you don’t need to educate your customers about it, as it is already popular, and the audience has a strong connection with it. You place your brand with a specific design to exhibit that you are part of the community and that your product is the right tool to bring like-minded people into one place. 

Using the right color scheme relevant to a particular event will not only help to grab the attention of the audience but also break down the barrier to purchase. 

Level Up Your Brand Awareness 

Your brand invests in sponsoring local events, advertising intelligently, and partnering with influencers to raise awareness about your product. The whole effort will go in vain if your customers don’t recognize your product in the retail store. So consistency is the key here; you need to use the same colors, artwork, and images on your retail display boxes as you are using on all other platforms to remind your presence to customers.  

Familiarity with your brand will lead to the development of trust and loyalty. When it comes to buying your product, they purchase it with little forethought. 

Bring Versatility 

There are three types of custom display boxes: 

  • Cardboard display boxes are used for short-term promotion of your product. 
  • On the other hand, POP boxes are placed at the point of purchase or near cash registers and invoke impulse purchases in customers. 
  • Floor display boxes are larger and employed for promoting newly launched products or promoting seasonal items. 

Enhance Product Visibility

High product visibility in the retail setting is the core concern of all the brands. Custom display boxes ensure that your products come into the spotlight and become prominent on the end caps, storefronts, or corridors. These highly crowded areas are the powerhouse of boosting your sales and sparking more interest. 

Display boxes help you to use the new sale model successfully, where you upload your product images in attractive packaging on social media, educate your customers, and get higher engagements. 

Save Money!

High profits are the lifeblood of any business, and cost-effective cardboard display boxes aid you in expanding your profit margins. These boxes are made of sustainable paper-based material with accurate sizes and dimensions that make it convenient to ship your product without any damage. You can also change the thickness of display boxes for retail between 9pt and 24pt to safeguard your products in high-risk scenarios during transit. 

Encapsulate an Engaging Brand Story 

To represent your brand image properly, you can use display custom display boxes . Customize the typography, artwork, and color scheme to align with your brand story. If you are a brand that has a mission with fun-centered images, use the same 3D imagery on your display boxes. 

When you develop a narrative, it will encourage your customers to buy your product for some tangible reasons. They feel as if they are part of something bigger or participate in a purpose to achieve. 

Use Special Finishing & Add-ons 

In the clutter of products, when people pick up your items and carelessly put them back, it can disturb the organization of products. But when you use inserts, every item will have a specific place, so analyzing the goods and putting them back in your display boxes without missing the order will be effortless for both the customers and retailers. Moreover, printing your brand or product name in hot gold foiling will make it irresistible for customers to avoid as well. 


Custom display boxes are available in different styles and sizes, but they fulfill the same purpose of highlighting your seasonal or newly launched product for a longer or shorter time.

Come in partnership with packaging experts who know the industry and are well-versed in curating the most functional packaging boxes. Half Price Packaging has the latest packaging technology and essence of innovation to deliver the best custom packaging boxes for all clients. 


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