Log Cabins Life in Montrose Colorado

Rural log cabins are particularly attractive in Montrose, Colorado, especially for those who want to stay out of the big cities like Denver or just want to have a second place to get away from it all. And, given the romantic nature of cabins based on what Hollywood has portrayed them as, there is a lot of built-in cultural attraction too. That said,

rural life isn’t for everyone; those who feel connected to the hum and clatter of traffic 24/7 aren’t going to do well with bird chirping and chipmunks chittering in the morning instead. Overall, though, many have found log cabins very appealing as a primary or second home in the state, especially away from urban or suburban grids and closer to nature.

The Log Cabins Type

For those who are interested in a cabin for a way of life, whether as a vacation home or a primary residence, the first thing to remember is that they last decades. Even with less than stellar care, log cabins are incredibly durable and can stay standing and solid against the elements for years and even generations. That works fine for the types who want to stay in one place for the same amount of time, but for those who move around a lot or like to renovate, prepare to either do major construction or resell. That log cabin isn’t going anywhere on its own anytime soon.

However, many log cabin types will attest, the structures need a regular amount of care and maintenance to stay in top shape. While log cabins are very durable, they are primarily wood. And that makes a great target for pests as well as rodents that like to live in dead wood. Maintenance is very much a regular cycle of treating the wood, clearing out debris, removing signs of pests trying to dig in, protecting it from fire risk and lots and lots of resealing gaps. Wood expands and contracts, and not the same way every time, which tends to create new gaps every year.

A Great Long-term Investment

Did we note log cabins last for a long time? Yes, we did, and that makes them very profitable as long-term investments in real estate too. Due to their durability, log cabins that are maintained command very nice returns when they are actually sold.

Not Bad for Temperature Too

Let’s face it, Colorado can get hot and very cold at different times of the year. Log cabins have great insulation and fend off the elements well. It’s not a surprise they were one of the first house styles in the state during settlement.

Folks in Montrose are quite familiar with the outdoors, and Frontier Log Homes in Montrose, CO bring families closer to nature with a natural integration locally. It’s definitely worth considering if moving to the area, and the investment could last for generations to come.

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