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Israelis Protest Against Netanyahu’s Attempt To Control Judiciary

Protesters took to the streets in Tel Aviv to demonstrate against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent attempt to control the country’s judiciary by firing the defense minister who did not support his reform plan.

On Sunday, citizens of Israel protested in Tel Aviv against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political move to control the judiciary. Moreover, Netanyahu fired Defense Minister Benny Gantz for not supporting his judicial reform plan, which outraged the Israeli public.

Protesters held banners and placards, including one featuring images of Netanyahu, Putin, and Trump, all wearing orange jumpsuits. The banner read, “No one is above the law,” suggesting that the protesters believed Netanyahu’s actions undermine the rule of law in Israel.

The demonstration In Tel Aviv was organized by opposition parties. These included the Yesh Atid party led by Yair Lapid and the Blue and White party led by Benny Gantz. Last week, Netanyahu fired Gantz for not supporting his plans to give him greater control over the appointment of judges to Israel’s Supreme Court. Gantz’s refusal to support the prime minister’s plans sparked his dismissal.

The protesters called for Netanyahu to step down and for new elections to be held, accusing him of corruption and abuse of power. Netanyahu has been indicted on charges of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust in three separate cases and is currently on trial. He denies all the allegations.

Israel is in a political crisis with four inconclusive elections in the last two years. Netanyahu, the longest-serving prime minister, has been in power since 2009. He is seeking re-election on March 23, but his future is uncertain. Opponents hope to unseat him and form a new government. The protest adds to the turmoil in the country’s political scene.For the latest News updates and blog, visit Beitragpost.

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