How to Layer Pendants for necklace Like a Fashion Pro

When it comes to necklace layering, you might have a few questions. How do the pros pull it off so effortlessly?

The secret to successful necklace layering is experimenting with different chain lengths. For example, pair a choker with a long pendant necklace for visual interest. You can also experiment with varying thicknesses for a more eclectic look.

Match the Pendant to the Chain

Choosing the proper pendants for chains has much to do with style and personal preference. However, it is essential to remember that the chain should be a manageable length for a pendant, which could cause the necklace to snag or break.

A dainty chain necklace can work well with a pendant, especially if the pendant has a minimal and refined feel. On the other hand, a bolder and chunkier pendant can be paired with a thicker necklace chain for a more dramatic and statement-making look.

When layering necklaces, it is also a good idea to vary the lengths of the chains. This way, the shortest chain can serve as a base for longer chains to be layered above it, creating a tiered effect. It is also a good idea to mix the metals of the chains to create more visual interest. For example, a gold necklace can be paired with a silver pendant for a more elegant and polished look.

Match the Pendant to the Neckline

Choosing a pendant that matches your neckline is essential for creating an effortlessly beautiful layered look. For example, a bold turquoise necklace pairs well with a chain that is not as flashy so that the two pieces complement each other.

When it comes to chain layering, the length is also essential. Choose necklace lengths that are different from one another so that they do not overlap or tangle. For example, wear a matinee necklace with a princess-length chain and add a longer lariat.

Mixing chain styles and pendants is a fun way to express your personality and style. You can even create a layered look by pairing chains with pendants from materials like gold and silver or featuring various textures. Please pay attention to the pendant size and match it with a chain that is not too delicate or thick.

Match the Pendant to the Outfit

A great way to make your outfit stand out is by pairing a beautiful necklace with a unique piece of clothing. Showing off your personality and style while creating a chic look is fun.

A v-neck is the perfect canvas for showing off a statement necklace. Try opting for a pendant necklace that falls within the neckline or a lariat designed to mimic the shape of the neckline. A boat neck is another excellent neckline to pair with a long chain necklace, like a strand of pearls or a layered look.

A scoop neckline works well with a pendant necklace following the same neckline line or a short chain with a single gem or pearl pendant. Also, a long chain with a solitary pendant can create a stylish contrast with the neckline of a turtleneck. This type of necklace will draw attention to the collarbone and create a bold fashion statement.

Match the Pendant to the Metal

It is essential to have one eye-catching necklace that acts as the main focal point amongst your layered chain look. Whether it is a pendant with a meaningful message or a glimmering gemstone that adds a pop of color, this piece should stand out in your look and be the center of attention.

Lastly, choose a chain that complements the style of your pendant. For example, a bold, chunky chain works well with large pendants that make a statement. A dainty chain, on the other hand, pairs nicely with smaller pendants.

Various chain styles allow you to find the perfect one to pair with your favorite pendant or charm. Many options pair perfectly with your stylish personality, from a bold rope chain to a unique iced WiFi symbol. You can also select a chain to match your preferred pendant length, ranging from chokers to matinee and opera pieces.

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