How Do You Add Shortcuts On Snapchat?

With plenty of amazing features, Snapchat has become the most popular social media platform among teenagers to interact with friends and families. Everyone loves sharing snaps, reel stories, and much more with their friends. Users love to send snaps by adding filters to their selfies and look stunning.

Besides this, Snapchat offers an abundance of features like 3D Bitmoji, games, snap maps, snap streaks, and many more making it more captivating.

Sharing snap streaks has become the passion for the youths to show how strong your friendships are. The emojis representing the streaks appear on the side of Snap chat making it easy to use while chatting with your loved ones.

To ease the feature people desire to create Snapchat shortcuts for their best friends on Snap chat that only require a Bitmoji account linked with Snapchat for both of you

So, if you are intrigued to know how to create shortcut in snapchat, then you are at the right place. To delve into the ways to create a Snapchat shortcut we have brought this post. Keep reading it.

How to Create Shortcuts On Snapchat

You can customize your Snapchat app according to your need. Here are the steps on how to make shortcuts in Snap chat

You are done with it and created a Snap chat shortcut for your close friend. You can send emojis by double-clicking on the shortcut emojis on the share snap screen and you can choose everyone at once.

How to Add Shortcuts on Snapchat (Android)

Adding a Snapchat shortcut from your Android device is pretty simple and we are here with all the relevant information about it

Follow the steps to satisfy your query about How do you add shortcuts to Snapchat?

How to Add Shortcuts on Snapchat(IOS)

If you are an IOS user, then follow the steps on how to edit shortcut in snapchat

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