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How Is The Crime Impact Assessment Process Carried Out In The UK?

The UK employs the crime impact assessment (CIA) approach to evaluate the possible influence of suggested regulations, tactics, or initiatives on disorder and criminal activity. The crime impact assessment method is created to recognise possible dangers and offers suggestions for reducing any adverse effects on crime and unrest. The CIA’s mission is to increase neighbourhood safety and lower the likelihood of crime. In the UK, the police, municipal governments, or other pertinent agencies are typically in charge of carrying out the crime impact assessment procedure. The essential steps in the CIA procedure are going to be outlined in the sections that follow.

What Is Crime Impact Assessment?

Similar to environmental impact assessment, crime impact assessment (CIA) is the equivalent when the emphasis changes to take into account the criminally damaging or criminogenic effects of one’s plans. This is especially pertinent to Section 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act England and Wales, although it isn’t the only applicable section. Section 17 imposes a legal obligation on some local services to take all reasonable precautions to avoid crime and disorder in their region.


Identifying the extent of the evaluation is the first stage in the crime impact assessment procedure. The project or regulations, the site, and the possible impact on crime and disturbance must all be specified. To make sure that all pertinent concerns are discovered throughout the scoping phase, stakeholders as well as the community ought to be consulted.

Data Gathering

The following phase is to compile pertinent information on crime and disorder in the region or community that the endeavour or policy will touch. This might involve information on crime trends, neighbourhood safety surveys, along with other pertinent information. To guarantee that the evaluation is founded on factual data, the data must be dependable and current.

Risk Evaluation

After the information has been gathered, an assessment of risk is conducted to determine any possible hazards connected to the project or regulations. This entails taking into account the effects of numerous kinds of crime, including impulsive crime, violent crime, as well as anti-social behaviour. Any current or upcoming measures aimed at lowering criminal activity and disorder in the region ought to be considered as part of the risk evaluation.

The essential elements should be taken into account while assessing risk:

  • The probability that the risk will materialise
  • The possible effect of the threat
  • The group or region’s susceptibility to risk
  • negative effects of not reducing risk

Strategies for Mitigation

Suggestions are produced for minimising the possibility of negative influence on disorder and criminal activity by the risk evaluation. This could involve making adjustments to the project or regulations, adding more security, or using other methods to lower crime and disruption. The mitigation plans must be supported by data and adapted for the particular hazards noted in the risk evaluation.

Some examples of mitigating tactics are as follows:

  • Creating a project or programme (e.g., lighting, CCTV) to lower the likelihood of crime and disruption.
  • Putting safety precautions in place to discourage criminal conduct (such as locks and alarms).
  • Providing personnel and stakeholders with assistance and instruction to lower the likelihood of crime and disturbance.
  • Interacting with others to foster mutual confidence and neighbourhood security.
  • Increasing the accessibility of services and resources to combat social exclusion and deal with the fundamental root causes of criminality and criminal behaviour while reducing it.

Assessment and Monitoring

Last but not least, the effect of the initiative or strategy on crime and disturbance is tracked and assessed over time. This involves routine assessments to determine the efficacy of any mitigation techniques and to spot any new dangers or problems. To guarantee that the programme or initiatives in question continue to be successful in lowering the likelihood of crime and disturbance, the process of evaluating and assessing it ought to be continuous.

Some essential guidelines for efficient monitoring and assessment are the ones listed below:

  • Utilise metrics that can be measured to determine the project’s or policy’s effect.
  • Make sure that information is consistently gathered and is accurate and genuine.
  • Identify recurring patterns and trends in crime and disturbance by analysing the data.
  • Analyse the success of the mitigation techniques and adjust as necessary.
  • Interact with those who are involved to get their opinions and make sure the project or policy continues to be relevant to their requirements.


A systematic method for recognising and minimising possible hazards to crime and disturbance connected to initiatives or regulations is the crime impact assessment process in the UK. Making decisions which boost the security of communities and lower the likelihood of crime requires decision-makers to consider possible effects on disorder and criminal activity. The crime impact assessment procedure ought to be adaptable and mindful of the community wants.

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