Choosing the right material for your aircon window kit: Plastic vs. metal

The quality of the materials you select for the window kit will determine the insulation, durability and efficiency of your air conditioner. The two most popular materials for window kits are metal and plastic. Each has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Marvellous Aircon Pte Ltd is one of the best air conditioner servicing company, so contact them whenever you have any AC problem.

This article will compare and contrast plastic and metal kits to assist you in selecting the best AC window kit for your air condition. If you still face any problems, contact as they have extensive knowledge and can guide you better.

Plastic AC window kits:

A lot of people prefer plastic window kits since they are lightweight and inexpensive. They are typically made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and require little effort to set up. When comparing plastic AC window kits with the metal window kits, the following are some crucial considerations: 

  • Easy setup: Plastic kits need less time to set up and are easy to put together. Because they frequently come with everything you need, like as adhesive strips and pre-cut components, they are easy to assemble.
  • Insulation: Although it might not be as good as metal, plastic is a respectable insulator.  
  • Durability: Despite being lighter, plastic air conditioner window kits could not last as long as their metal counterparts. It is possible for materials to crack or distort as a result of exposure to bad weather or unintentional impacts.
  • Aesthetics: Plastic window kits might not be the most attractive choice for homeowners that value the appearance of their property. 

Metal window kits for AC:

Metal air conditioning window kits, which are frequently made of steel or aluminium, are a solid and durable choice. The things to think about when installing metal window kits:

  • Durability: Metal window systems are the best substitute because of their superior durability and resistance to harsh environments.
  • Insulation: Your home will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter thanks to the superior effectiveness of metal insulation over plastic insulation at limiting heat transfer.
  • Aesthetics: Because of their sleek, modern design that blends with any building type, metal window kits are an excellent option in terms of aesthetics.
  • Heavier weight: Due to their heavier weight, metal kits may be more challenging to assemble than plastic ones. Additional assistance will be needed during installation.

Energy savings:

Energy efficiency is a key consideration when choosing between a plastic or metal AC window system. Proper insulation is necessary to keep your air conditioner operating at maximum efficiency and reduce your monthly power expenses.

Although some insulation is provided by plastic window kits, they might not be as effective as metal ones. In order to successfully insulate a building from the outdoors, metal and aluminium in particular can transfer heat more effectively than plastic.

This feature of metal window kits makes it possible to maintain more constant indoor temperatures while using less energy and spending less money on your HVAC system.

Regular upkeep and cleaning:

How easy it is to clean and maintain is another thing to consider. Since most AC window kits are made of plastic, wiping them down with a damp cloth is easy. With time, however, they might become more prone to dust and dirt accumulation, which could reduce their visual appeal and thermal efficiency.

In contrast, metal window kits are easier to clean than other materials and require less maintenance. They ought to last as long as you frequently wash them with water and a mild detergent.

Considerations for installation:

There are unique installation guidelines that must be followed for both plastic and metal AC window kits. Due to their less weight and more logical design, plastic window kits are easier to assemble than their metal equivalents.

They typically come with pre-cut pieces and adhesive strips to make DIY installation simpler. Metal window kits, particularly those made of aluminium or steel, can be heavier and hence more challenging to install. 

Some metal kits could come with an additional bracket or support to guarantee a secure fit in the window frame. Although professional installation is an option, it might increase your financial restrictions.

Adaptability to different window types: 

When selecting a window kit material, you should also take into account the sort of windows you have. All sizes and forms of windows are easily adjusted by plastic kits.

Despite being flexible, metal window kits might not be compatible with all types of windows. However, because of its adaptability to a number of window types, aluminium and steel kits make an excellent choice for most homes.


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