Beginner’s Guide: How To Use An Offset Smoker with Confidence

As a beginner barbecue smoker, you must know how to use an offset smoker. This is the fundamental question for everyone who will buy an offset smokers.

To get your desired taste, you must know everything about using it. An offset smoker is technical in the sense of maintaining its temperature. Adjusting the heat and temperature is the most technical task in smoking.

How to use an offset smoker?

Well, after buying an offset smoker, the first thing you must be experienced is how to use it. An offset smoker comes in a plane shape. They are invented to cook food on slow heat. The firebox is the root of energy for the offset smoker, while the cooking chamber is the food place. The chimney of an offset smoker works as the temperature controller. Let’s see how to use an offset smoker.

Put on the fuel to the firebox.

The standard fuel for an offset smokers is wood, small wood pellets, wood chunks and charcoal. You can choose wood or charcoal as the fuel energy.

 Operating both as a combination will be the best for the smoker. Charcoal can lighten up quickly and last for a long time. Wood is used for the smokey flavour of the food. I suggest using them both, starting with charcoal and then adding wood to the firebox.

Starting the fire

After filling the firebox with fuel:

  1. Lighten them up.
  2. When they catch fire, leave them for a while and let them burn into ash.
  3. Open the firebox vents so the air comes inside and the fire gets higher.
  4. Opening the vents increase the air intake inside the smoker. 

On the other side, put an extra wood log on the chimney to get heated. You will need it during smoking when the fuel gets burnt. A preheated wood log will maintain the temperature and prevents it from being lower.

Reach the targetted temperature.

As the average temperature for an offset smokers is between  225 to 275 degrees, you have to achieve it. It would be best to have more fuel and air intake to get this targetted temperature. Open the ducts of the smoker and let the air comes inside.

Monitoring the temperature is also complicated. You have to check it repeatedly to get it to 275 degrees. You can use temperature thermometers to monitor the temperature.

Manage the fire size.

Managing a fire size is also critical for a beginner. Some crucial steps should be remembered while using an offset smokers.

These are the essential steps of how to use an offset smoker.

Pellet smoker vs offset smoker

After offset smokers, there come pellet smokers. The comparison between pellet smoker vs offset smoker is relatively easy. The purpose of both is delicious, juicy and smoked meat. Both come in almost the same size and shape. Both use fuel. But offset smokers works manually, and pellet smoker works on electricity.

 Pellet smoker

Pellet smokers are the new and advanced form of ancient offset smokers. They come in the same size and shape. The difference is that you got very ease with a pellet smoker. They work with electricity and give you relaxation during cooking. You don’t need to worry about the rise and fall of the temperature with pellet smokers.

Offset smoker

An offset smoker is a traditional way to smoke the meat to turn the food delicious. They are hard to use in comparison with pellet smokers. Compared to pellet smokers, you have to use it manually. They are horizontal in shape. This is famous for being a slow cook for a long time. They enrich the meat with a smokey flavour.

Smoke Signals: Which Way To Go? Pellet smoker vs offset smokers

You have got to know about pellet smokers and offset smokers individually. Let’s explore their difference. There are some main differences between pellet smoker vs offset smoker.


If you think of its feasibility, pellet smokers are best for this. You don’t need to sit beside them to monitor it. Just fill the hopper and set the temperature by pressing a number. This will keep the temperature same all the time.

On the other hand, if you see offset smokers, they need more attention. You have to keep an eye on the smoker during the whole smoking. Monitor the temperature and fire size from time to time. Have to add the fuel after every hour or two.


In the case of portability, pellet smokers are good enough. They are movable as well as adjust in a bit of place. On the contrary, offset smokers need a vast area to store them. They are hard to move.


The most crucial difference between pellet smoker vs offset smoker is flavour. Offset smokers may win the game if you discuss the more delicious taste. Offset smokers give your food a smokey flavour than a pellet smoker. As an offset smoker produces more smoke, it enriches the food with a smokey texture.


A lot of differences are there between these two smokers. We discuss only three of them here, as they are vital differences. If you want to read more about this, you can read a complete overview of pellet smoker vs offset smokers. Remembering these little things to become a bbq smoker pro would be best.Visit BBQ Smoker Pro for more details.

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