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6 Type Of Bed Sheets That Will Keep You Cool In Summer

Ah, the summer. When the sun is out, the birds are singing, and your back is sweaty. When the weather is hot, like burning, you surely want a place to rest your head that is cool and comfy. And what’s more important for a good night’s sleep than bed sheets that keep you cool?

But because there are so many choices, knowing which bed sheets are best for you can be hard. 

When shopping for bedding, it’s essential to choose fitted sheets king size to ensure a seamless and comfortable sleeping experience. The elasticized corners of fitted bed sheets king size make it easy to put them on and keep them in place, even during restless nights.

Here are six bed sheets that will keep you cool and cozy all summer.

1. Bamboo Sheets

First on our list are bed sheets made of bamboo. These bed sheets are made of bamboo fibers, which naturally wick away moisture and don’t bother people with allergies. It means that they will keep you cool and dry even on the hottest, stickiest nights.

Plus, bamboo sheets are good for the environment and can be used for a long time, making them a great choice for people who are conscious about the environment. Plus, you do not have to give up your style for comfort because bamboo bed sheets come in a wide range of colors and designs.

2. Linen Sheets

Next, we have bed sheets made of linen. Even though linen is often used for summer clothes, it is also a great bed choice. Linen is great for hot summer nights because it breathes well and quickly soaks wetness.

Linen sheets also have a unique texture that gets softer with each wash, giving them a worn-in, comfy feel. And if you want your bedroom to look organic and artistic, linen sheets are the way to go.

3. Percale Sheets

Percale sheets are the best choice if you like to feel cool and crisp when you get into bed. Percale is a type of weave that makes a light, airy fabric with a matte finish.

Percale sheets are made of 100% cotton, which is soft and lets air pass through. Percale sheets are also less likely to get wrinkles than other cotton bed sheets because they are tightly woven.

4. Tencel Sheets

Tencel sheets are another eco-friendly choice on our list. Tencel is a brand name for a cloth called lyocell, made from wood pulp. It’s very soft and light, and the smooth material feels great next to your skin.

Tencel sheets are also good for hot summer nights because they remove wetness and keep the right temperature. Tencel is also great for people with sensitive skin because it doesn’t cause allergies.

5. Cotton Jersey Sheets

Cotton jersey sheets are the best choice if you like how a soft t-shirt feels. Jersey is a knit fabric type with a loose, casual look and is stretchy and soft.

Cotton jersey sheets are airy and light and great for hot summer nights. Since they are made of cotton, they are easy to care for and get softer every time you wash them.

6. Coolmax Sheets

Coolmax sheets are last but not least. Coolmax is a brand name for a textile fabric type that keeps you cool and dry. It wicks away wetness and dries quickly, making it a great choice for hot, humid nights.

Coolmax sheets are also light and airy and feel smooth and great against your skin. And since they’re made of polyester, they’re long-lasting and easy to care for.

Investing in high-quality fitted bed sheets king size not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bed but also contributes to a restful night’s sleep.

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